Mongol Rally - Week 8 Onwards

The 2016 Mongol Rally is on it's last week and into the 'onwards'. Let's hope it's full of mishap madness. 

Those at the finish line howl at the thought of parting with their cars and drink like beasts. 

The stragglers bring the best booze and the best stories. Read on.

Bella Bridge, 09.09.16

What a beautiful sight, the last of our ralliers roll in to finish:

They weep for joy and love of their steed and then go and get smashed. 

Bella Bridge, 09.09.16

Team K-OS are feeling strange with the normality of home:

We’ve been home for 24hrs now. Things still feel a little strange, we find ourselves wondering if we are driving on the right side of the road. We don’t need to barter for our purchase anymore, the supermarket was massive and we didn’t have to pay with crazy money.
— Team K-OS

You'll be wondering next if it was all a wonderful dream. 

Bella Bridge, 09.09.16

Poor 101 Damn Nations have taken a beating to in Russia:

If you can still drive it, you're golden. 

Bella Bridge, 09.09.16

It sounds like Wheels Of Misfortune aren't having much luck on their way home:

So the repairs failed. To be completely honest We aren’t entirely sure whether we will get past this one. The local mechanics can’t find any fault but for some reason the car just dies going uphill. This might be the end of the road for us.
— Wheels Of Misfortune

Finally living up to your name eh?

Bella Bridge, 09.09.16

As The Kiwi Flies have defied all their mechanical issues, here's them start and finish:

Oh you do look splendid, go and grab yourself a cold beer now.

Bella Bridge, 08.09.16

Max from Team Ulanbantoir is back in Blighty and struggling:

James and I have returned to the land of ‘normality’ and we are struggling. What do people do here? How do I get ready for work? Why am I getting weird looks with my tent on the tube?
— Team Ulanbantoir

Start preparing for the 2017 Mongol Rally?

Bella Bridge, 08.09.16

 Søren from A Cruise of Qings, auctioned off his hairstyle for charity on their return leg. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 15.24.18.png

We're glad to say you've done George Michael proud. 

Bella Bridge, 08.09.16

Got a spare two minutes? Kanga and the Kiwis video of Mongolia won't disappoint. 

If you want to get a hot slice of Mongolian adventure then it's time to sign up now.

Bella bridge, 08.09.16

The Wayward Hunz are having a great time dirtying up their paint ware in Mongolia:

No mud, no fun

How inviting does that mud look? Bet the car loved it. 

Bella Bridge 08.09.16

 Alvin Stardust and Harold Simpaticos on Tour +1 are in trouble in Mongolia:

Our car is absolutely screwed. Both driveshafts have caved in and we have no spares and we are stuck in the pinacle of civilization that is called Buutsagaan (it has a karaoke bar hotel restaurant). Spent our last money on a portion of dumplings between us that may potentially have us vomiting.
— Alvin Stardust and Harold Simpaticos on Tour +1

You should have spent your last pennies on drowning your sorrows in that karaoke bar. 

Bella Bridge, 07.09.16

As The Kiwi Flies try a spot of engine shopping.

It's our dream hide out. 

Bella Bridge, 07.09.16

Team Escape and Eastward Bound celebrate success at the finish line:

Four punctures, a broken clutch, a broken exhaust system and an AC that no longer wants to work and a dashboard that glows like a Christmas Tree. We’re in much better shape than the car.

Whip out the vodka, put your glad rags on, it's time to take those beards out on the town.

Bella Bridge, 07.09.16

Rub-a-Dub Dub, Three men and a Tub have made it to Ulaanbaatar, but who's driving?

After driving for 51 days with Marigold she has now gained the ability to sense where we want to go.
— Rub-a-Dub Dub, Three Men and a Tub

This could be interesting. It's a good thing Mongolia isn't over populated. 

Bella Bridge, 07.09.16

Team Gobi-Wan Khan-Obi were convoying through Mongolia when another team broke down:

Luckily it was Andrews birthday so a vodka sozzled Andrew set out to help them by shouting at their stationary vehicle.
While we were waiting for the for the team while they carried out some roadside repairs someone accidentally threw a rock through our rear windscreen luckily no one was hurt.
— Team Gobi-Wan Khan-Obi

We blame Andrew. Great birthday shot.

Bella Bridge, 07.09.16

The Flying Dutchmen accepted a lift from a truck driver, not expecting his drunk father to take the wheel:

This was a bit funny since Chewy had told us earlier that his father had been drinking vodka for 2 days straight. I noticed that our new driver was nearly falling a sleep every 10 minutes. After literally waking him up a few times when he was steering to the wrong side of the road he noticed it might be better to wait for a few hours and sleep. After that the ride went a lot smoother and he celebrated with some vodka.

Moral of the story, never accept a vodka infused ride, unless you have a Mongolian death wish. 

Bella Bridge, 06.09.16

It looks like the Mighty Morphin' Flower Arrangers are having a tinsy wee bit of trouble with their right turn.

Sounds very healthy. New adventure, just turn left, see where you end up.

Bella Bridge, 06.09.16

The Italian team Khanederlistan are finding Mongolia a right blast.

Just look at the photos, making it look like a doddle.

Bella Bridge, 06.09.16

Team Honeymoon Roadtrip are thinking of moving to Mongolia:

Top Mongolian day yesterday - good carriageways, good camels, good cricket, good campfire.
— Team Honeymoon Roadtrip

What else do you need? A crap car perhaps with a curled chameleon on the roof?

Bella Bridge, 06.09.16

The Mongolian Job tried sheep eyeballs. 

Do not watch this early in the morning. I was hungry before.

Bella Bridge, 06.09.16

Only Alpha Squad would go and get a patriotic tat. 

Great job chaps, making Mum proud. 

Bella Bridge, 05.09.16

What a fucking legend. Will's only gone and got two cars to the finish line. 

One of the most terrifying drives of my life, rain and oil from the Berkeley engine bay cascading down the windscreen. Roads changing from perfect tarmac to rough as hell dirt tracks in the blink of an eye, and all the while my beautiful Lada workhorse bouncing around like a fat man on a water bed.
— Hiley Unlikely

He did us proud. Who says that three wheels can't get you places. 

Bella Bridge, 05.09.16

Come Hell or High Vodka have come up with a few words:

Rally reality: a poem
Freezing cold camping in the desert
wearing all the clothes we own.
None of them are clean.
Everything is covered in dust,
haven’t showered in six days.
(Honestly, we stink).
Driving at 20km/h on glorified goat tracks.
Getting bogged in sand and mud.
Two flat tyres, one emergency wheel repair,
countless attempts to drive through rivers
watched by curious camels.
But at least we have Vegemite
— Come Hell or High Vodka

Be more happy. Nothing beats Vegemite. Accept Marmite. 

Bella Bridge, 05.09.16

I Believe I Khan Fly have broken down on the back leg journey and faced a derision:

We got a sweet deal, the Austrian car club would pay for everything, transport the car to Europe and scrap it there, shipment and so on.
At the same time we got an offer for a new engine for a ridiculous amount of money, way more than we payed for it and it’s worth. By taking the engine we sign up for 3 days of 24/7 driving to leave Russia in time. You can probably guess what we did.
— I Believe I Khan Fly

They chose to buy an expensive engine and drive continuously of course.

Coming from the team who raised €150 for this rather sporting haircut.

He still continues to rock this erm, new look.

Bella Bridge, 05.09.16

Sounds just about right:

People are starting school today and we’re in Mongolia bitches.
— There and Yak

And some in offices and some in the rain. Keep living the dream.

Bella Bridge, 05.09.16

It looks like Team #WeLive have made it and celebrating, proving that an all girl team have large balls.

Photo Credit to Megan Leigh Blackstone Wark

Great job girls, go and grab yourself a bevvy. 

Dear reader, that's all for Week 8. We dare you to go back through Week 7 and to do a shot every time you see a vehicle. Enjoy.

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