Mongol Derby 2016 Rolling News - Part 2

The Mongol Derby 2016 is underway. This post will have all the pictures and all the leaderboards fresh from the Steppe. 

Rosa Earp 13.8.16

Read the Final Derby Digest of the 2016 Race

It's the end of Day 10, and all our riders have finished. Read the final leaderboard here. 

"Nothing compares to the Mongolian pony. It’s natural selection at it’s absolute rawest...." 

Rosa Earp 13.8.16

Read the interview with Rider David Redvers

We asked Rider David Redvers for his thoughts on the Derby.

It’s been one of the most powerful and inspiring and equally the most draining experience of my life.
— David Redvers

Rosa Earp 12.8.2016

See more photos from Day 9

Another batch of pictures from the finish line, by Derby photographer Laurence Squire.

Read the Derby Digest - Day 9 

Day 9 saw the final two riders in Race Class and the first ten riders in Adventure Class finish.

First in, Peter Molony and Camille Champagne Bargenquas at 10.56. They were followed at 15.00 by Mike Becker who rode in solo as did Tim Finley at 16.09. At 18.36, Marie Griffis, Pierce Buckingham, Kelly Hale, Rosie Bathurst, Francisco Schnaas and Gareth Jones came over the finish line as a group. Finally at 20.30 Josefine Schopman and Hanna Backstrom arrived as dusk was descending. Congratulations to all. 

They say the last horse is the hardest to return to the Mongolian herders...

See the photos from Day 9

The freshest of photos from the Steppe, by Derby photographer Richard Dunwoody:

Rosa Earp 12.8.16

Read the Day 9 Leaderboard

Rosa Earp 11.8.16

Read the Derby Digest - Day 8

Day 8 is over and the Derby has been won. For the first time in Derby history, we don't have one winner - we have three. William Comiskey, Heidi Telstad and Marcia Hefker Miles crossed the finish line hand in hand at 9.48 on Thursday 11th August. Eight days after they began and over 1000kms away:

"I was surprised. At first, I was almost a bit crushed for them but the more I thought about it, it's such a beautiful sentiment. They have competed with each other and then at the point when there was diminishing returns, when they couldn't give each other the slip they found a way to overcome that. It's really lovely" - Katy, Race Chief....

Rosa Earp 11.8.16

Read the Winner's Interview

Three winners means three winners interviews. Read them all:

Rosa Earp 11.8.16

See the Photos from Day 8 

See the moment the winner was decided and the first ten riders cross the finish line of the Mongol Derby 2016 from Derby Photographer Richard Dunwoody.

Rosa Earp 11.8.16

Day 8 Leaderboard - The Derby is Won

Here's the official leaderboard, with rider finish times. 

Rosa Earp 10.8.16

Read the Derby Digest - Day 7 

Day 7 is over. Tonight, Heidi Telstad, William Comiskey and Marcia Hefker-Miles are at Urtuu 27. They have only one leg to go. It'll all be decided tomorrow.  

Every single person in the field is riding fantastically well:

"All these riders are absolute troopers. It's easy to forget that everyone left in the race is doing 120-150kms in a day. Fantastic riders and great horses." - Katy, Race Chief

Tonight, USA rider Marie Griffis is without her steed. She dismounted for a toilet break in the woods and her horse trotted off without her, taking all her belongings. She looked for three hours in a steep sided valley between Urtuu 22 and 23 before admitting defeat and requesting help from our event teams. The verdict from the horse's owner? "Ah. Yes, he's done this before." If only she'd known...

Rosa Earp 10.8.2016

Day 7 Photos

The latest batch of photos from Derby photographer Richard Dunwoody. See the gallery on facebook here

Rosa 9.8.16

Read the Derby Digest

At the close of Day 6, the leaders have ridden four Urtuu's in one day. All five of the front runners are within reach of the finish tomorrow. The question still remains who will get there first. 

Tonight's leaders are Venetia Philips, Tatiana Mountbatten and Marcia Hefker-Miles. They are only ten kilometers in front of William Comiskey and Heidi Telstad, who are only ten kilometers ahead Courtney Kizer. With five Urtuus to go and six more vet checks, that's not a decisive lead for anyone...

Rosa Earp 9.8.2016

Day 6 Leaderboard

The all important leaderboard at the close of Day 6.

Rosa Earp 9.8.16

Day 6 Photos

The freshest of photos from the Mongol Derby 2016 from Derby Photographer Richard Dunwoody. See the album on facebook here

The Mongol Derby Course is open 4th-14th August 2016
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