Mongol Derby 2016 - Day 6 Leaderboard

The leaders have ridden four Urtuu's in one day. All five of them are within reach of the finish tomorrow. The question still remains who will get there first. 

Tonight, Venetia Philips, Tatiana Mountbatten and Marcia Hefker-Miles are the frontrunners. They are only ten kilometers in front of William Comiskey and Heidi Telstad, who are only ten kilometers ahead of Courtney Kizer. With five Urtuus to go and six more vet checks, that's not a decisive lead for anyone. 

For a reminder of the Derby penalty system, click here. Any penalties picked up by the leaders from now on will be served at the station incurred.

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Between U22-23

  • Tatiana Mountbatten
  • Marcia Hefker-Miles
  • Venetia Philipps
  • William Comiskey
  • Heidi Telstad

At U22

  • Courtney Kizer

Between U21-22

    • Shannon Nott

    Between U21

    • David Redvers
    • Alice Newling
    • Alexandra Hardham

    Between U20-21

    • Peter Molony
    • Camille Champagne Bargenquas
    • Marie Griffis

    Between U18-19

    • Tim Finley

    At U18

    • Gareth Jones
    • Francisco Schnaas
    • Kelly Hale
    • Rosie Bathurst
    • Pierce Buckingham
    • Charles Broughton

    At U17

    • Josefine Schopman
    • Hanna Bäckström
    • Urbain Tego Tagne
    • James Harbord
    • Sebastian Bridger
    • Carin Östergren
    • Anthony Strange
    • Anna De Jonquieres
    • Mike Becker
    • Krista Donnelly


    • Loden Burton
    • Kevin Darley
    • Madison Smith
    • Sara Pickthall
    • Adam Casey
    • Fahad Al Thani
    • Thomas Alden
    • Chase Becker
    • Babs Ketelaar
    • Julia Stewart
    • Cochetta Crowley

    The Mongol Derby Course is open 4th-14th August 2016
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