Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 4

Week four has arrived. We're back from a weekend of avoiding our enemies and spending time with our greatest friend- gin. 

Lucky for you chaps the rolling news is here to entertain your week. Be you in the office or on a remote island picking up signal from balancing on top of a palm tree. 

Laugh, sob and be in awe of our teams most conquering and lowest moments as they chug slowly onward to Russia in their pieces of shit cars.  

It's gin time, otherwise known as the weekend. Time to hitch hike our way to a good ol' party. We'll be back on Monday to start Week 5.

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

The Gang Goes To Mongolia have been convoying with Grand Steppe Auto in Turkmenistan.

Beards, dogs and photos are illegal and July 10th is a public holiday in honour of melons. Makes sense eh?
— The Gang Goes To Mongolia

All looks picturesque on those highways. Shame you had to break down.

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

The ladies of Team #WeLive are causing mischief with 101 Damn-Nations.

There’s a lot of glitter bombing and water gun fighting between the cars. Instigated by Megan, finished by Charlie. This isn’t over, Damnations.
— Team #WeLive

Just don't squirt the driver in the face. It wouldn't end well. 

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

One team have been pushing their trolley all the way to the Russia - The Tartan Trews. Now to find a supermarket.

Sweet of you to color coordinate with the finish backdrop. Been planning this from the start?

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

Team Hiley Unlikely have made it to the Turkmenistan desert:

I was done with mountains for now so the desert seemed like the next logical challenge. Water check, petrol check, food check. Sanity... Lacking.
— Team Hiley Unlikely

Making friends with camels are we now? Sanity definitely still intact. 

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

Team Los Moustachos have tackled their first wooden bridge in Russia.

Rickety as fuck but the little DAF army truck is not defeated that easily. 

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

Yak? Yak? Goose!!! are struggling in the Turkmenistan desert:

A pothole so fucking massive that it swallowed prudence and: blew a tire, dented 2 rims, did the steering and the suspension, killed the fuel pump, and pinched the fuel line into uselessness, resulting in our driving with a jerry-rigged jerry can sat in the passenger seat and a hose running through the air cooling exhaust hole to the engine.

Driving is done whilst hanging out the window for the fumes, and may I never again hear these last words: ‘can you put the fire extinguisher in easy reach?’
— Yak? Yak? Goose!!!

Sadly the Citroen never made it up this hill

The next best thing to have by your side apart from your side kick - a fire extinguisher. You never know when your ride might set fire.

Exhibit Uno.

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

When The Flaneurs broke down in The Pamir Highway in Iran it was all hands on board to give it a push.

We must congratulate you on your significant climb before breaking down.

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

Some members of Team Mongol CRW are feeling rather pissed off with their team mate Ed who took over driving on a Russian motorway only to drive them into a swamp:

I got my head down and then was rudely awakened by Edward telling me I needed to drive the car. I opened the door and stepped out into a swamp. It was not funny.

We think your car was always destined to be brown. It suits her. 

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

As The Kiwi Flies are discovering local delights in Georgia:

More and more of the toilets are squatters. This is how we can tell we’re going the right way, towards Asia.
— As The Kiwi Flies

Be strong, all in the name of adventure. 

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

Team Slow Ride to Mongolia are two Italian chaps in none other than a Fiat Panda of course. They stopped to say ciao to the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan.

Do make sure you've got your handbrake on though. Your car would be eaten by flames.

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

67 Degrees North have not been defeated by the Pamir Highways small 'puddles' in Iran.

We swear you flew there for a second. Keep the reckless driving up.

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

While in Uzbekistan Team Eat Pasta, Go Fasta fell into a pot hole the size of a river and had to seek mechanical medicine: 

We slept on the garage floor, got to meet the local mafia boss/cigarette smugglers and ate rice dishes with the local mechanics in what could easy be described as a village of repair shops and criminals.
— Eat Pasta, Go Fasta

We hope you played it cool. Nothing like a quick get together with the Mafia boss. 

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Team #WeLive are enjoying sleeping on the sand after having a few drinks at the Turkmenistan Door to Hell.

Hangover vibes. At least there's sand. Sand everywhere.

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Team Back 2 Yak are having a hellish time at the Doors to Hell in Turkmenistan. 

The night sky was pretty impressive too. 

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Team Must'dash tried some Mongolian swimming:

Stuck on the rocks, moments before we started drifting down stream.
— Team Must'dash

Let's hope you can make some Chitty Chitty Bang Bang magic and sail away magnificently.  

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Team Wheels of Misfortune are three lads who all met at school and university. Their head gasket blew in Turkmenistan. 

Just finished lunch with our mechanics dad. Vodka and ice cream fixes everything.
— Wheels Of Misfortune

Always goes down a treat when you find a friendly mechanic and especially one that supplies beverages with service. 

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Team Los Moustachos have arrived in rainy Russia. The roof has made a reappearance, 

Don’t go to the loo when there are thirsty mosquitoes.
— Los Moustachos

Those bites look hefty. What a juicy thigh you must have. 

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Team Frire Une Sardine À Oulan-Bator have come a cropper with one of their tyres.

When we say come a cropper we actually mean properly fucked. 

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Team Slow Ride To Mongolia have only gone and taken one of the best bloody photo we've ever seen of the Turkmenistan Door to Hell. 

If you want more of where these came from follow us here. 

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Team Your Grandmotoher are pushing their little Hijet to new levels over Turkey and Iran. 

It all looks rather idyllic and no major break downs yet - it can only get worse.

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

A good start for Team Lock Stock And One Smoking Gasket in Turkmenistan:

Apparently Boris is one big offense breaking several laws in Turkmenistan; 1. It’s illegal to have a dirty car. 2. It’s illegal to drive a car with just two doors. 3. It’s illegal to have blinded windows. We are just one big illegal box of steel on wheels now apparently and proud of it.
— Lock Stock And One Smoking Gasket

But smelling rubber is never a good sign:

Not a good smell and seems to be coming from Boris again.. Shit. We stop and check the left rear wheel and see that the smaller wheel is also rubbing on the car and causing the burning smell; the chassis has definitely sunk on the left rear side. We have a number of options; wait in the desert sun for help, drive with the wheel slowly rubbing itself to a puncture and try to reach town, or we could just cry until the sun goes down.
— Lock Stock And One Smoking Gasket

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Team Donundestan made a sandy friend in Turkmenistan's Karakum Desert.

Mr Camel really steals the show

He's headed for you window - better watch out.

That's everything from Week 4. I hear you screaming for more, keep your hair on, here's Week 3.

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