The Mongol Derby - Day 1 Leaderboard

At the close of day 1, we've got a record number of campers. Of the six riders who came first into Urtuu 3, five went out again to try in the hopes of getting a head start in the morning. Only Hanna Backstom decided to stay put: warm dry and catered for. She will likely get a better nights rest, but she'll be competing with the stragglers who joined her at U3 before the course closed.  Meanwhile, the five riders who chose the open steppe will be camping in the rain. Will the risk pay off and, perhaps more pressingly, will their horses still be there? The morning saw the first retiree from Loden Burton.

From the front then, here's the Day 1 Leaderboard: 

Between U3 and U4

Heidi Telstad
Will Comiskey
Venetia Philipps
Tatiana Mountbatten
Tim Finley

At or Near U3 

Alexandra Hardham
Shannon Nott
Hanna Bäckström
Courtney Kizer
Kelly Hale
Fred Thorne
Anna De Jonquieres
Marcia Hefker-Miles
Adam Casey
Francisco Schnaas
Madison Smith

Between U2 and U3

Krista Donnelly
Peter Molony
David Redvers
Marie Griffis
Alice Newling
Rosie Bathurst
Charles Broughton
Sara Pickthall
Anthony Strange
Carin Ostergren
Gareth Jones
Camille Champagne Bargenquas
Pierce Buckingham
Kevin Darley
Josefine Schopman
Thomas Alden
Cochetta Crowley
Sebastian Bridger
Urbain Tego Tagne
James Harbord
Babs Ketelaar

Between U1 and U2

Mike Becker
Chase Becker
Julia Stewart


Loden Burton

Photos by Richard Dunwoody for Mongol Derby.