Rickshaw Run August 2016 Launch

The vodka thirsty 2016 rickshaw teams arrived in Shillong and caught India off guard with their sheer nakedness and undying love for their garish rides. 

Before all 72 teams set off there was some mechanical help and pimping, a footie match and a raucous party.

Learning to drive the impractable beast



First came the test driving. We are happy to say that they all passed receiving their license to drive on the oh so very relaxed roads of India.





All we can say is try not to kill yourselves. 








Mechanical mysteries. At least pretend to take notes.




Pimping Is The Shit

The teams unleashed havoc to their beloved other halves. As they primped their loved ones with flowers and metallic paint they really focused on the details like garland hanging and making sure they would be recognized if they had an impressive crash.

Let the Traditional Footie Match Commence 

The training warm up was led by Nye who showed no mercy and brought the pain. The game comenced as a mini world cup. Denmark absolutely smashed it and left all other teams rather worse for wear.

No idea why they’ve put Nat in goal. He has such bad coordination. He can’t even grate cheese.
— Nats supportive mate

Ben from Team Indian Pale Males had the perfect adventure sports footwear.

Well done Denmark, you did your rickshaws proud. 

The party went off 


Come gawp at their marvelous journey to the hangover depths of hell HERE.

Dressed to impress

Teams dressed in smashing outfits to disguise their hot booze infused head aches. 

And they're off.

A chaos inducing 72 teams are now on their merry way from Shillong in the far North-East of India to Cochin in the deep South.

The launch went as smoothly as can be expected considering our wonderfully clueless teams were all running around like headless chickens.

Well, I say smoothly. Unfortunately only about 5 or 6 teams managed to keep up with the lead vehicle, meaning the remaining 67 or so headed the wrong way towards town, no doubt causing gridlock on the already-mental streets of Shillong. During rush hour. Ah well.

We would like to put a huge thank you out there to the wonderful people of Shillong who have yet again been absolutely marvelous.

Best of luck everyone...let the adventure commence. 

Mr Matt - Rickshaw Run Chief and Team Adventurists.

The 2016 August Rickshaw Run launched 4th August.  Catch up: 

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Follow the 72 teams in the 2016 August Rickshaw Run as they embark on their memorable journey in their unsuitable steeds from Shillong to Cochin.