Rickshaw Run August 2016 Rolling News - Week 1

Seventy-two gloriously pimped rickshaws have erupted off the start line at Shillong. They hope to bid adieu to North East and they want to get to the South. Some of them might make it for the finish line party on the 19th August. We're going to follow their progress: 

Like an elephant shitting on your face Week 1 is over. Dive into Week 2.

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Team Massoni Lakutravel are battling with an elephant for the road. 

Anyone fluent in elephanish?
— Massoni Lakutravel

Don't worry. We're sure he'll move soon. If not, he'll move you.

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Cheerful break down galore from Team Toot N Comin and Tucky McTuckFace:

Rickshaw missing four wheels and the roof. Please bring biscuits.
— Toot N Comin
Massive hole in the piston. Nearest new piston, 50km away.
— Tucky McTuckFace

You could always try Bollywood street dancing until you raise enough attention and fans for someone to help you and supply buscuits. 

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Band of Baisabs stopped for a spot of the old cricket. 

Cricket pitch of the day? Had to use ‘Shazza’ for wickets.
— Band of Baisabs

Good improvisation there with your psychedelically dressed manakin. Bringing creepy to a whole other level.  

Bella Bridge, 09.08.16

Ello ello ello. What do we have ourselves here? The India Pale Males have found themselves a cobra. 

It was love at first sight. 

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Motorway rave anyone? He Who Dares, Wins stumbled upon a good old fashioned party.

As you do. Looks like a trend we should start back in the UK. Anyone with us?

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Team Scooby Doo have found their way to Darjeelings tea fields.

Anyone for a pot?

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

The Lizard Kings solved the small problem with there being no bridge:

With a boat ride. The dismount was not so graceful though as she flipped herself. 

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

What the holy cow wants, the holy cow does.

A cow ate our garlands. Lights and everything.
— The Red Rickshaw Riders
Holy animal ate the garland, there’s some good luck coming I promise.
— Tiki Masala

Hopefully this does bring luck and not misfortune, no really.

Bella Bridge, 08.08.16

Guillame from Team Bucheroll has found the Rickshaw's fan.

Looking pretty

You might have to stand there a few years. 

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

The weekend has arrived. We at the Rolling News will be back on Monday with fresh updates from India. While we're away, get updates directly from the glorified lawnmowers on the live tracking map. They're especially satisfying if you are warm, dry and have plenty of legroom. 

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

What's that saying about 'it's-the-journey-not-the-destination-that-counts'? Scratch that. On this occasion, it's probably the 'not-getting-arrested-for-accidentally-crossing international borders' that's important to remember:

That moment when you get lost on day one and nearly reach Bangladesh. Somehow we are now in Siliguri. What a time to be alive folks.
— Alex

At least the view's ok. 

Bella Bridge 05.08.16

Nothing defeats the Indian sun:

You really would expect a solar powered charger to not melt in the heat @theindiapalemales

A photo posted by Nathaniel Atkins (@npatkins) on

Some would think that was a design flaw. 

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

Anyone for a mud bath?

Looks like it's a push that's needed, chaps. It's not deep. Probably. 

And then it became our turn. #rickshawrun #dospinguinosindia

A video posted by Dos Pinguinos India (@dospinguinosindia) on

Mind you don't mess up the paint job.

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

Sound advice: 

Before you accept an offer of dinner from the locals, ask how far their house is, Boatshaw Run?
— Robert

This would be a fantastic picture.
If it had a rickshaw in it. 

Looks like you're going to be on that river for a while. Better hope your rickshaw is still there when you get back.

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

Driving across India in a Rickshaw? You'll stand out a bit:

Rickshaw Runners can't be camera shy.

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

It hot, it's humid and it's sticky:

Anyone bored of sweating yet? My crotch is wetter than an otters pocket.
— George, The Late Bloomers

What an arousing thought. To prove a point here's a picture of an elephant, a rickshaw and one sweaty back:

The Sub Competents 

Probably quite a good summary of what to expect on the August Run. 

Bella Bridge, 04.08.16

It's the end of Day 1. Let's check in with the hunt for accommodation:

Has anyone else been interrogated by the police at the guest houses? Because we just had an impromptu hour long visit, with armed guards with AK47’s standing outside.
— Globe Trotters Independent Traders
In my guest house, no police.
— Matador Team

Sure, no AK47s's near The Matador Team. But it doesn't look that comfy either.

Actually, the bar for successful police interactions was set by the August 2015 Runners. Follow their lead. 

Bella Bridge, 04.08.16

It's still Day 1. Love the look of that Indian sling. Did someone fall out of their rickshaw?

We made it almost 1% of the way without an accident. Then we had an accident.
— Team India Pale Males
We saw him rolling on the highway.
— Team Matador

We blame the chicken. 

Bella Bridge, 04.08.16

Just when we thought they were off, some of them came back again. Tucky McTuckFace burned out their clutch and now are 100m from the start again. 

We win first breakdown.
— Tucky McTuckFace

That claim is contested though: 

From Denmark With Love are having an absolute screamer so far.
It all started so well when they won the football tournament yesterday. Since then they managed to loose their vehicle documents and they just broke their starting lever.
Hopefully things will get better. Hopefully.
— Mr Matt, Race Chief

Yes. Hopefully. 

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

The India Pale Male's have decided to add 'clucky' to the team: 

Saved from a curry they reckon. 

Wonder how the chicken feels about the 3500+kms to go. 

Bella Bridge 04.08.16

The day started off brilliantly:

They’re on the road.
The wrong road mind you. 60 teams followed a team that are headed to Cherapunjee. Whoops a daisy.
— Mr Matt, Race Chief

Someone will work it out probably. 

That's Week 1 over and out. If you missed out here's the spectacular launch.

The 2016 August Rickshaw Run launched 4th August.  Catch up: 

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72 Rickshaws are driving from Shillong to Cochin.
That's about 3500kms in a glorified wheelbarrow.