Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 7

Week 7 arrived. It's been a bumpy ride for our remaining teams as they battle on towards Vodka territory, otherwise known as Russia.

The roads are becoming more challenging and the mishaps more occurring. If this fills you with glee - read on.

That all for Week 7. The time has come to don a fur hat and black boots and practice our vodka etiquette. Nasdrovia to you all, have a good weekend. We'll be back for Week 8

Bella Bridge, 02.09.16

Get yourself a cuppa, it's time to get nostalgic. Remember the start line? Cool Earth certainly does:

Those were the days. Time for round 2? Or maybe you just want a taste of Rally adventure?

Bella Bridge, 02.09.16

Here are 101 Damn-Nations evolution from start to finish line.

Who needs a bumper anyway? "Cruella" looks well loved.

Bella Bridge, 02.09.16

Both teams clealry demonstrate safety first.

Seatbelts. That’s a novelty.
— Should've Bought a Micra

But then again if you're driving a 1950's Singer Gazelle you can crash in style.

Bella Bridge, 02.09.16

If you've ever wondered what driving Mongolian dirt tracks in a Morris Minor are like:

That suspension looks comfy as fuck. Enjoy the ride Team Spicy Wanderlust, especially in the back.

Bella Bridge, 02.09.16

Frisky Dingo are wading through Mongolia and sleeping in interesting places:

It got really dark really fast and we started thinking about camping. The only problem was that there were tyre tracks everywhere, which meant we were concerned that we’d get run over in our sleep. Eventually we found an abandoned hut that seemed like it’d provide some cover. We named it the “murder hut” because it was creepy as fuck.
— Frisky Dingo

It does look like the start of a Mongolian Horror story.

Bella Bridge, 02.09.16

Have a gander at these finish line delights.

Let's hope you aren't as battered and bruised as your cars. It's time to drink to each country you've driven too.

Bella Bridge, 01.09.16

Mongolian Cousins have regained internet to reminisce the good old days back in Mongolia.

Beautiful mountains, the car's a bit of alright too.

Bella Bridge, 01.09.16

So Alpha Squad tried off roading in Mongolia:

It got very dark very quickly and we accidentally drove off the road and ended up in a water logged yak shit covered field. Properly stuck not even the waffle boards could save us.
— Alpha Squad

You're forgetting the golden rule, don't drive at night. Shit happens. Literally.  

Bella Bridge, 01.09.16

The Flying Dutchmen have been getting down and dirty in Mongolia when they beached their car.

Mongolia makes you older.
— The Flying Dutchmen

You look spectacular, we advise to keep this look when you get home.

Bella Bridge, 01.09.16

The prizes for most destroyed tryes go to Team Donatellos, Team PvE and Thekiwis:

13 flats, three complete new tyres and about 7 inner tubes. It’s an award we rather wouldn’t have.
— Thekiwis

Good gracious what a delightful sight.

Bella Bridge, 01.09.16

What a magnificent round trip we've got ourselves here. Good job Team Beers, Gears & Engineers.

Proving that you only need a couple of engineers, five gears and a couple of hundred beers to make it to Russia and back.

Bella Bridge, 31.08.16

Team Restorfx get their celebration boogie on after driving over the Pamirs.

Great moves, we hope to see them at the finish line party. 

Bella Bridge, 31.08.16

Team Pineapple are having a jolly good time in Turkmenistan with someone's Mum:

We stayed over at a wonderful lady’s place called Mariyah who let us sleep in her mum’s sewing room. She covered us with turkmen traditional hats and belts and fed us with delicious local ice cream that looks like a massive sausage.
— Team Pineapple

We won't ask any more. 

Bella Bridge, 31.08.16

I Believe I Khan Fly found the finish line podium and promptly fell off.

Looking a bit tipsy

We think it's time for you to put your car to bed.

Bella Bridge, 31.08.16

So Good it Yurts have mastered the botch job:

We often get asked questions like ‘My engine is falling out of my car, what do I do?’ and ‘All I have to pay a mechanic is an oily sleeping bag and half a tin of Heinz beans, can you help me?’
Our answer - ratchet straps and alcohol.
— So Good It Yurts

You could also try giving the mechanic a performance of riding a unicorn backwards. 

Bella Bridge, 31.08.16

The Flying Dutchmen have been helping out a friend with a tow and having a splash in Mongolia.

Ah and a towing selfie, of course. 

Bella Bridge, 30.08.16

Will from Team Hiley Unlikely took on desperate measures to get his 1959 Berkely to Ulan-Ude. 

This man has style

He's even gone to such effort to colour coordinate. Tremendous show. Shots for Will.

Bella Bridge, 30.08.16

Team Jäger Battalion had an offer they just had to refuse:

Failed to get into both the cosmodrome and the town of Baikonur, very friendly Russian soldiers explained we need a special permit from Moscow. A local offered to smuggle us into the base in his truck, but we politely declined his offer for fear of becoming the centre of a diplomatic incident.
— Robert, Jäger Battalion

Now we're not going to say what we would've done in your situation, but you can probably guess.

Bella Bridge, 30.08.16

Team Golden Panda have faced Mongolia and sped towards the finish line celebrating in gold, of course.

We wonder if you kept your word at the start line and listened to Gold on repeat? You look fairly sane.

Team Honeymoon Roadtrip are living it large in Georgia:

Bella Bridge, 30.08.16

On our first evening here we got caught in the cow rush hour, had beers on the roof of a castle and crashed a wedding. Hello Georgia.
— Team Honeymoon Roadtrip

Sounds about right. 

Bella Bridge, 30.08.16

Ouch. Team Thunder Gun Express had it up the bumper by a lorry 200km from Mongolia.

They are unscathed and are determined to get to the finish line. We salute you.

Bella Bridge, 30.08.16

Team Gobi-Wan Khan-Obi have been dealing with some smooth roads in Turkmenistan. 

It took us 2 days to cover 200km between Maqat and Shurbaqadiq because apparently the road is only used by oil workers in trucks and 4x4s and everyone else takes a 1000km detour.
— Team Gobi-Wan khan-Obi

It looks magical. 

Excellent scrolling skills my friend. You have reached the end of the news from Week 7. 

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