Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 6

Well look at that - it's only week 6. 

The teams are gradually flocking in to greet the finish line as an old friend. Ulan Ude will be holding some victorious parties this week.

You might need to sit down, here come the updates.

With a sandy taste in our mouths, week 6 dissolves. Get drinking, it's bank holiday. See you Tuesday for delicious updates from week 7.

Bella Bridge, 24.08.16

Fresh from the finish line:

Feeling mighty victorious.
— The Mongrols

As you should:

Bring on the shots, it's time to party.

Bella Bridge, 24.08.16

Un taxi pour Oulan-Bator took a real bad tumble on their way home. Truly gutting end for this Renault R4 only 1400 km from their house:

After some of the toughest roads in the world, who would expect to be rammed in the back by a guy texting in a big 4x4 in Sweden....
We are both okay, impact was huge and car is dead.
— Un taxi pour Oulan-Bator

Truly gutting. Don't text and drive chaps. Only text when you're lying on the dance floor and want chips.

Bella Bridge, 24.08.16

Tilly from Aussie Blood, Sweat & Beers was bemused in Kazakhstan:

Generally speaking I love dining with locals, but this mornings inquisitive acquaintance may not have been the best choice.
”Are you married? Oh in Kazakhstan if you are not married by 25, we feel bad for you and think something a problem. Are you a problem?”
— Tilly, Aussie Blood, Sweat & Beers

Badge of honour we say. 

Bella Bridge, 24.08.16

The Adventures of Postman Pat can't keep their hands off their car in Tajikistan.

We know who owns the nuts in this relationship.

Bella Bridge, 24.08.16

They've come so far but The Mena Men can't find the finish line:

Where’s the fekkin finish line? Anyone got a link on maps or something?
— The Mena Men

What ho chaps, try heading towards the music and cheering. 

Bella Bridge, 23.08.16

The Mongolian Job handle botched windows well in the Pamirs.

Apparently Afghanistan is just over the river. Form an orderly queue. 

Bella Bridge, 23.08.16

Team Hiley Unlikely has made it to Mongolia on three wheels. We are chuffed for Will and more than a little impressed. 

I’ve only gone and bloody done it. By the skin of my teeth I’m in Mongolia, car is completely destroyed and engine has major problems but I bloody made it. To all you doubters that I wouldn’t make it out of the U.K. I’ll admit it was unlikely, but I like those odds. Now where did I put that bolt?
— Team Hiley Unlikely

If there's a Will, there's a way. Top mechanic skills and balls that chap has.

Bella Bridge, 23.08.16

Corsa Gonna make It in Mongolia get a tow out of a small puddle.

If you haven't been towed you're not doing it right. 

Bella Bridge, 23.08.16

Team Jäger Battalion are in glorious convoy in the Pamirs.

Jäger on the mountain tops eh? Pure bliss.

Bella Bridge, 23.08.16

The Kiwi Kite Surfers had an in flight experience after hitting a dirt mound in Mongolia:

We hit it doing 70 to 80kph. We launched into the air a couple of meters and came crashing back down onto the road about 5 meters away from the pile of dirt and came to a stop.
— The Kiwi Kite Surfers

Don't try this at home kids.

Bella Bridge, 22.08.16

Here are the Flaneurs dragging their beloved four wheels across the finish line:

Whatever it takes.

Bella Bridge, 22.08.16

Now We're Cookin' ran into a spot of trouble: 

Locked the keys in the car at the Kazakhstan border. Very nice.
— Now We're Cookin'

Fills you with confidence, doesn't it?

Bella Bridge, 22.08.16

Team Hiley Unlikely was rock bottom after being battered in Kazakhstan. Russia rescued him:

Another day of potholes would have broken me and killed the car, this has saved me. Dawn start to knock out the last 300km to the border and try and cross tomorrow. With luck I may actually make it to Mongolia... Unlikely.. But not Impossible.
— Team Hiley Unlikely

Them Russian roads look smooth as a babies bum

Keep at it, you can almost smell victory. 

Bella Bridge, 22.08.16

The Gang Goes To Mongolia have been up to some serious off roading in the Pamirs:

We reached the end of the Pamirs, and reflected on our experiences. Amoungst the many weird things that happen every day on the Mongol Rally (the border guard who started chopping a leg of goat on our passports and an idiotic policeman trying to get money for a fictional “beard tax”) we realised that the strangest thing to have happened was something that didn’t happen at all. The Dannywagon hadn’t broken down.
— The Gang Goes To Mongolia

Nice one lads. Shame you didn't break down on those magnificently 'safe' bridges out there.

Bella Bridge, 22.08.16

A great start to the week. The Mongol Mechanics work their mechanical magic. 

Only top repairmen work in backwards caps and pyjamas eh?

That's it for Week 6. Grab yourself a warm brew, biscuits for dunking and settle down for week 5.

Some teams bare a little too much and there's a fair few incidents on the Pamir Highway.

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