Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 5

Well look at that, it's week 5 and things are hotting up as our 316 teams hurtle towards the finish line in Russia. Shit cars aside nothing is stopping our teams, apart from the ocassional break down of course.  

Week 5 is over like a your grans mobility scooter sinking in quick sand after bombing across the desert at 70mph. 

We're off for a two day break drinking our hearts out and staying in trouble. See you beauties on Monday for glorious Week 6.

Bella Bridge, 19.08.16

Team Beauty And The Beast Rally took on a sketchy as fuck bridge:

Crossing a sketchy bridge 😬#mongolrally2016 #fordfiesta #sketchy

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Bet you had to play Eye Of The Tiger to get you over that one. You have balls.

Bella Bridge, 19.08.16

The Aristokhans are in convoy with I believe I Khan Fly through Kyrgyztan and Kazakhstan gathering police attention.

Well who could blame the fuzz with those sweet animal masks. 

Bella Bridge, 19.08.16

Pav from Back 2 Yak loves a good selfie in Tajikistan and the Pamirs.

Move over Kim Kardashian, we've got ourselves a selfie queen.

Bella Bridge, 19.08.16

Whilst in Russia Team Jesticles nearly got themselves arrested:

We ended up at a restaurant with pumping music and lots of dancing again. We ordered and before long Jesticles let the drink get to them and ended up doing a slow dance together which may have have contravened the local gay propaganda laws. After a woman in a hi vis jacket took photos of them both nothing else appeared to happen and they may have gotten away with it.
— Corsa Gonna Make It

That's what you think. Keep an eye on your wing mirror and your foot on your accelerator.

Bella Bridge, 19.08.16

Steph from Team 2C Some Yaks had a offer whilst entering Kazakhstan: 

We eventually crossed the border at night, but not before a border guard had proposed to Steph (she said she’ll think about it).
— 2C Some Yaks

Tie a bow on it, you've got yourself a wedding car

You should have said yes so we could go to the party. 

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

There and Yak looking majestic with Afghanistan on full view.

It looks bloody beautiful up there. Don't go driving off any cliff edges though.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

Look at these 'fresh' lads from Team Call Girl.

At least the scenery looks good. Your team name says it all.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

When Medved on Weck's baby failed them Marley Safari Rally Team stepped in:

We broke down outside Murgab and they towed us all the way to Osh. 300km tow. Truly legendary.
— Medved on Weck

You good deed doers in true rally spirit, we salute your comradeship.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

So Good It Hurts had a slippery start in the Pamir Highway:

Picture it. A casual drag race. On one of the world’s highest and toughest roads. At 4200m above sea level. In a Polo, a Corsa and Peugeot 205. Adam at the wheel. So Good It Yurts wins the race, smiles all round. Then the worst noise ever, and more worst noises ever Adam lets out a torrent of never-before-heard swear words. Then the oil light comes on, we get out of the car and Judith is literally pouring oil.
— So Good It Yurts

It's always good to be unable to drive in one of the most remote places in the world.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

Team Mongolian Cousins are happy to be in Mongolia. 

Bring it on. Nice goggles too.

Bella Bridge, 17.08.16

Looks like your wheel thinks you're better off apart Team Escape:

After a massive meeting with Uzbekistan, “shortcuts” and holes ended it that way. Anyone got an arc welder in your back pocket?
— Team Escape

It's fine. If Team Hiley Unlikely can make it on three wheels there's hope for you yet.

Bella Bridge 17.08.16

Team Los Moustachios are all finished. After driving their 42 year old DAF all the way to Mongolia.

Great stuff. We feel like a proud Mum. 

Bella Bridge, 17.08.16

We're loving Kahn't Stop's wise words:

Too many beers.
— Kahn't Stop
Powered through the hangover, car still going strong.
— Kahn't Stop
1:30am arrival time for a beer.
— Kahn't Stop

Hair of the dog, pursued every day for these chaps, strong game.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Slow Ride to Mongolia spent the last four days exploring the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan‬.

They didn't break down, it's a bloody miracle. Keep on rolling little beast.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

What you do when you're fucked in the middle of the Russia:

The car suddenly got a little too wobbly for our liking and upon inspection we had snapped our anti-roll bar. Thankfully with the help of a tyre leaver, a jubilee clip, a bit of T-shirt, and a lot of cable ties and duct tape we are back on the road.
— Mongol Rally 2016 - Beers, Gears and Engineers

Top notch botch job chaps, you've done your mum proud.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Nothing defeated The Bin Chickens as much as Iranian pot holes in the Pamirs:

Flew out of the Pamirs, unfortunately poor Valerie is now sporting several holes in her undercarriage.
— The Bin Chickens

That's what happens when you blast your way across the Pamirs. The rockier roads the better we say.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Team Mongolian Cousins have been caught short in the sand:

Who said that only boats are stuck in the sand near Aral sea?
— Team Mongolian Cousins

Apparently this spot catches prisoners frequently with Team Honeymoon Roadtrip being stuck earlier.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Andrew from The Megalomani-Yaks is big pimpin' with the strong exchange rate in Uzbekistan. 

Keep living the dream Andrew.

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

It sounds like Will from Team Hiley Unlikey has been making the most of his three wheeled beauty:

4am again I managed to barter a taxi home that if my car was the craziest thing he’d ever seen he’d give me the ride for free. Absolute bargain.
— Hiley Unlikely

Now if you keep making bets like that you'll never have to pay for anything again. Poor taxi drivers.

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

Team PvE's Hyundai has definitely seen some muddy roads:

When the Hyundai is doing more off roading than the Land Rover.
— Brandon, Team PvE

We would say to swap cars but then what'll be the fun in that?

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

Team Tasmaniyaks dared to bare all to The Door to Hell. 

Either that or they're just partial for a dip in boiling mud. We hope the latter. 

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

Beijing calling

Team Konfjuzd have made it into China after over 50 hours of border shenanigans. They are the only team so far that have made it to China, good on them.

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

Team Frire Une Sardine À Oulan-Bator, two french chaps and their beauty of a beast have fallen out with sand. 

Everyone loves a good sand wheel spin. We hope you're feeling strong so you can lift it out.

Easy tiger, you've reached the bottom of Week 5. Want more action? Check out Week 4.

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