Mongol Derby 2016 - Day 9 Leaderboard

On the Mongol Derby finish line, the riders keep coming in. The race has been won, but today saw the last two members of Race Class finish as well as the first 10 riders in Adventure Class. Congratulations to all. Here are are the official standings:

The Race Class

1. William Comiskey, Marcia Hefker-Miles,
and Heidi Telstad
9.48, 11.8.16
4. Venetia Philips 12.40, 11.8.16
5. Courtney Kizer 13.56, 11.8.16
6. Tatiana Mountbatten 14.40, 11.8.16
7. David Redvers, Alice Newling, Alexandra Hardham and Shannon Nott 14.40, 11.8.16
11. Peter Molony and Camille Champagne Bargenquas, 10.56 12.089.16

The Adventure Class

Day 9 Finishers

Mike Becker
Rosie Bathurst
Francisco Schnaas
Gareth Jones
Kelly Hale
Pierce Buckingham
Tim Finley
Marie Griffis

Hanna Bäckström
Josefine Schopman

At U26

  • Urbain Tego Tagne
  • James Harbord
  • Sebastian Bridger
  • Carin Östergren
  • Anthony Strange


  • Loden Burton
  • Kevin Darley
  • Madison Smith
  • Sara Pickthall
  • Adam Casey
  • Fahad Al Thani
  • Thomas Alden
  • Chase Becker
  • Babs Ketelaar
  • Julia Stewart
  • Cochetta Crowley
  • Charles Broughton
  • Anna De Jonquieres
  • Krista Donnelly

The Mongol Derby Course is open 4th-14th August 2016
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