Mongol Derby 2016 - The Winners Interview - William Comiskey

2014 Mongol Derby winner Sam Jones with William Comiskey

For the first time in Derby history, we have three Mongol Derby winners. William Comiskey, Heidi Telstad and Marcia Hefker-Miles crossed the finish line hand in hand at 9.48am. All three of them will share the Derby title and we will have to source another two trophies. We spoke to William at the finish camp. 

How does it feel?

Pretty good. Pretty unbelievably good. 

I had my first shower in 8 days. It was glorious, bloody hell. And then I could smell my clothes - we must’ve stank.

How have you been celebrating?

We waited to see some of the other riders come in. Then I had my first shower in 8 days. It was glorious, bloody hell. And then I could smell my clothes. we must've stink. 

What did you think of the Derby overall?

Heidi Telstad and William Comiskey ride together on Day 6

It was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe it. I don’t even know where to start. the concept is great, the locals all get behind and enjoy it. They give us their horses to ride, these absolutely fantastic horses, so tough. The country just doesn't even phase them. I absolutely love them. 

There were some really fast ones, they can carry themselves a long way, which is incredible. They could gallop for 3ok, they handle that no worries. Then you’d have your slow pony who would rather eat. I picked a couple of those, walked a few miles beside them. 

William Comiskey leading the charge out of the startcamp on Day 1

Anything else to add?

I really want to thank the herders, and the people of mongolia. they want us to use their horses and share with the experience with us. Plus the crew on the ground and all the vets and the doctors.

The generosity of the local people is absolutely incredible. They were more than happy to have you in there on the floor with the kids, or next to grandmother. Plus it's absolutely beautiful country.  

I didn’t think I’d have much of a chance of winning it to be honest.

— Will Comiskey

The Mongol Derby Course is open 4th-14th August 2016
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