Rickshaw Run August 2016 Rolling News - Week 2

It's week 2 of the August Rickshaw Run and things are spicing up for our 72 teams as they splutter across bumpy paths through India. 

They've had break downs, a cheeky samosa or two and a whole lot of fan clubbing but what disasters are awaiting to happen this week.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

The lizard Kings have found their way to India's west coast, only have tea:

West coast reached. Time for tea.
— The Lizard Kings

We applaud your patriotism.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

Looks like Nothing Butter Chicken had a good wake up call:

If you can’t beat a team to the line, sabotage them.
— Mad Monkey & Team Leon

We like your style Mad Monkey and Leon but we have to say they rock the foil.

Bella Bridge 18.08.16

#bridge are not having luck in the eye department:

I was running behind a steam train to get some great footage of this historical train, bits of the coal fell into my right eye. At the time, I didn’t think too much of it, hoping my body’s self defence system would get this sorted in no time. Next day, it turned into an eye infection. I was constantly in tears, even slight eye movement was causing unbearable irritation, I had to look straight at all time, and only tilt my head to change my view angle.
— #bridge

You must have looked off your rocker. Would have paid to see this.

Bella Bridge, 18.08.16

Massoni Lakutravel made a shaw upgrade for he Munnar mountains.

Pimp job in it's finest.

Bella Bridge, 18. 08.16

Dos Pinguinos have learnt the ways of the rickshaw:

The best part was one bystander asked if we needed help, and another bystander said “no, they don’t need help.” We are becoming locals.
— Dos Pinguinos

Indian repair shops, watch out.

Bella Bridge, 17.08.16

Team Matador are first to finish. The Spainish duo have seen it all:

Running away from an angry mob with fire torches was the nicest experience.
— Team Matador

They look forward to coming back for a third attempt. The only thing they lacked were breakdowns. 

Bella Bridge, 17.08.16

The Somedays are getting a run down on the road conditions by an effective road worker.

Looks like a friendly enough chap

We're really not sure on his square hands though. 

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Team Hello Kiwi have doubled their horse power, we have to give it to them:

What you do for kicks on your third run. We now have 9 horse power.
— Hello Kiwi

Zipping along like no tomorrow. Fucking genius motorbike drivers too, towing on a bike is a jerky art.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Team Lit Roosters are visiting the Araku Valley. 

A good place for a loo stop too, lots of bushes around.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Dos Pinguinos are blasting along at a mighty 25mp. Got to give it to them for speed.

You might actually be mistaken for my granny's mobility scooter. Could she hitch a lift?

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

Apparently it was all going well for Meat and Veg until:

A cement truck thinks it can fit down the gap to the right of our rickshaw, between us and a ditch. It was very obvious that it wasn’t going to fit but the driver didn’t seem to agree. He edged down the gap and his huge front wheel (about the size of our rickshaw) hit us and caught on the side, pushing us down to one side quite dramatically.
— Meat and Veg

You'll be glad to hear that the rickshaw is still alive with just a few scratches and yeah the lads are fine too.

Bella Bridge, 16.08.16

We Came We Shaw We Conquered are having a bit of a mare. 

Current situation.
— We Came We Shaw We Conquered
We found locals and just managed to get it out. We got going but think we’ve chose the wrong road here.
— We Came We Shaw We Conquered

Sounds like you need to get yourself a new driver. Or some wings and shit.

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

We have to give it to you lads Toot N Comin for attempting gangster styling:

They see us rollin’ drifting through one of the many abandoned buildings of India.
— Toot N Comin

Mastered being G?

You've officially embarrassed your rickshaw. 

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

Meanwhile by the sea:

Finally close enough to the sea to trust the fish.
— India Pale Males

Fish aside, the monsoon looks fairly non present in these snaps. Enjoy while it lasts. Rain is coming.

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

The India Pale Males were in the wrong place at the wrong time:

We’re stuck in traffic at an independence day parade with a Union Jack on the side of our rickshaw.
— India Pale Males


Maybe keep a low profile for the day, go hide into a shack for a day or two. 

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

Team #bridge have come up with a genius way to sooth their numb bums:

To combat the joints and muscle deterioration, we developed a full body in-shaw stretching exercise, including the legs, abs, hips, back and arm. Caution: some of the exercises will require the person hanging half the body outside the rickshaw when the shaw is still in motion, so DO NOT practice before being competently trained by the team.
— #bridge

Rickshaw life has never sounded so sussed. Other teams take note.

Bella Bridge, 15.08.16

How many men does it take to help Team Hawaii - 3 oh out of a pot hole?

Teamwork got all close and personal. 

Wish we could stay but we're off for a cool gin and T whilst hanging from a hot air balloon. Back on Monday. Maybe. If you insist. 

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

Jasin from BestTeamEver is dishing out advice:

Would you people stop overheating your engines? You’ll never make it to Kochi if you keep driving the rickshaws like you stole them.
— BestTeamEver
Is driving like we borrowed one still okay?
— E.Coli & The Ripulettes

Keep driving like you're on acid and then you'll have no problems, eh?

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

 Team Mad Monkey have a new team member:

We love the  stare off between toy monkey and legit monkey.

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

The poor Hawaii - 3 oh team have been chased: 

I don’t know what sort of poachers wear Hawaiian shirts and drive around in rickshaws, but that’s what we were taken for in our search for elephants just outside of Cuttack yesterday. It ended with the Department of Forest & Wildlife coming after us with wooden sticks.
— Hawaii - 3 oh

Trouble always comes to those wearing Hawaiian shirts. Because they are shit.

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

Well this looks like a bit of a creepy clearing Massoni Lakutravel have driven themselves into.

Watch out for the snakes. They could be disguised as anyone of those branches. 

Bella Bridge, 12.08.16

Team India Pale Males have adapted the way of the Indians:

Great botch job gang. Good arm work out too. Bring on the rain.

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

The Rickdiculously Shawfull Drivers have gained a new paint layer:

We found a half erect monument in the middle of nowhere after some off road driving. Carlos is the kind of dirty you cant’t wash off.
— The Rickdiculously Shawfull Drivers

White paint and off road driving were meant to be.

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

A Rickshaw Like No Other had to be towed with what look like pieces of string.

Interesting choice of t-shirt guy in the blue

By a motorbike too. Two wheels defeating three. The shame.

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

Melanie from The Somedays had a curry and had to go. Blissfully unaware she was by someones shed: 

Suddenly a mostly-immobile 80 year old became Usain Bolt. She chased me out of her yard screaming at me in furious Hindi. You don’t need to be a linguist to know a strong word when you hear it. Thankfully the tuk tuk started first and we were off down the busy street.
— Melanie, The Somedays

We forgive you. Shit happens.

Bella Bridge, 11.008.16

The Rickdiculously Shawfull Drivers are on a tiger hunt:

Made it to the tiger sanctuary with funny looks. Gate keeper said we’d be eaten within 15km.
— The Rickdiculously Shawfull Drivers

The only beasts we can see are the scruffy drivers holding refuge in their spectacular rickshaws.

Bella Bridge, 11.08.16

EAT PRAY RUN are making a statement in convoy.

Now all you need to do is turn and roll down the hill. Challenge set.

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

The prize for the most gloriously British beast goes to Team Meat and Veg.

You've done her Majesty proud. 

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

Some teams are feeling outrageously competitive with hurling their little motors as fast as possible:

We can only just hit 60. We’re going to have a piston return spring installed. Ups the mean piston speed by 20%.
— E.Coli & The Ripulettes
Vicki did 72ish, since then the rickshaw is dead.
— Buchetrolls

The speed contest continues. Who has the balls to top 80?

Some have regrets:

Some advice for anyone thinking of picking up their rickshaw - wear gloves.
— Ben French

Well that looks bloody painful Ben.

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

The Rickdiculously Shawfull Drivers have been trying out mother natures air con.

All in the balance 

If it falls on you, do get it on camera. 

Bella Bridge, 10.08.16

Team India Pale Males weren't fazed by the fact the road was closed off.

That's one solution at a road block - Solved by the @theindiapalemales on the August #RickshawRun2016

A photo posted by The Adventurists (@theadventurists) on

Bringing a new meaning to thinking outside the box.

The 2016 August Rickshaw Run launched 4th August.  

72 Rickshaws are driving from Shillong to Cochin.
That's about 3500kms in a glorified wheelbarrow. 

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