Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 3

It's week three of the 2016 Mongol Rally. 315 teams hurtled out of Goodwood in their shit cars and are creaking their way to Russia.  Here are the updates fresh from the rocky roads.

They're mostly leaving Europe behind for more mountainous terrain as we begin to see the likes of Iran and Georgia approaching. Although some have already steamed ahead to reach Russia and Mongolia. 

When shit goes wrong, we're here to tell you all about it. Bring on Week 3. 

Like a scorching fireball emerging from the Door to Hell the weekend has arrived. Let it be a fiery one with as much whisky and tequila as your mind can handle. See you on Monday for more petrol filled updates of Week 4

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

Have a gander at the live tracking map. It's looking pretty fine. If you want to see more and live updates from our teams too click HERE.

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

This Belgium trio Team Yak Mobile are the first to reach the finish line. 

Clearly someone couldn't get the time off work.

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

When you don't get you passport stamped:

When greeted by border patrol, our driver fella explained the wee pickle we found ourselves in. The border guard immediately shouted ‘Deport, Armenia’ and marched us out into no man’s land.
— Tom, Foregone Conclusion
I would have happily left him there and carried on toward Turkmen with the others. Could do with out him actually.
— Sam Foregone Conclusion

All about that team spirit eh?

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

We have made further improvements to the car today with the introduction of tennis ball suspension, as our rear shockies have been stuffed since the accident.
— A Man is Not a Camel

Ah this is what tennis balls were really made for. 

Bella Bridge, 05.08.16

The Iran Mountains Vs The Turkmenistan Door to Hell

While many teams have found there way into the mountains of Iran and nearing the Pamir Highway others have found hell. Well at least in a pit. 

The views are great at the Door to Hell and a nod of respect to those who have driven through the desert to get there. Whilst the Iran mountain roads are a challenge to any crap car. Disaster awaits. 

The Iran Mountains

The Door to Hell

Bella Bridge 05.08.16

When in Iran:

We got pulled over by the police for speeding. They wanted to know how many people were in the team and how many people were from non sanctioned countries were in the car. Why? So they knew how many pistachio nougats to give us.
— Raju, Back 2 Yak

Must have been your charm.

Bella Bridge, 04.08.16

Many teams lie in wait in Baku for the mystical ferry to Turkmenistan:

Don't cross the Tarpistan border. Hungry ralliers lie in wait.

Hang on in there chaps, the record is an eight day wait.

Bella Bridge, 04.08.16

Team Corsa Gonna Make It fucked up bad:

Finally off the ferry although in a different country than planned.
— Corsa Gonna Make It

Always a good start.

Bella Bridge, 03.08.16

Team Ulanbantoir in Turkey solved a towing issue by a gentle nudging, car to car.

The motorway had been climbing at a steep gradient for some time and Team Khanalistan’s car had overheated. They were in need of a tow. We explained that despite our readily apparent tow rope we had not included a tow ring...
Heads were put together and one idea immediately stood out - Bumper cars.
If we couldn’t pull them, we’d push them.
— James, Team Ulanbantoir

Easy does it chaps. Rally spirit in it's finest. Have a beer on us.

Bella Bridge, 03.08.16

A glowing rating for Iran from Team Escape:

The people of Iran are amazing. So friendly and polite. Iranian family invited us to stay at their home for the night. We give the people of Iran six of five possible stars.
— Team Escape

Iran you've done good. 

Bella Bridge, 03.08.16

Team Where the Hell are We Now? have hit a visa balls up in Georgia with the team not going to be able to get into Azerbaijan their Russian visas don't open until Tuesday next week:

So rather than wait it out somewhere in Georgia, we’ve decided to take the mother of all detours.... We’re back tracking into Europe as far as Poland, then going via Lithuania & Latvia to enter Russia on the 9th when we’re actually able to. Beats waiting doing nothing right?
— Where the Hell are We Now?

Who needs Azerbaijan anyway? 

Nothing like a little detour to brighten up the mood.

Bella Bridge, 03.08.16

Team Norman The Conqueror are having a blast on the Pamir Highway. 

In freezing weather and total darkness, the high altitude proved too much for Norman the Nissan and we pushed him the final 100 metres over the summit. The air was so thin that we struggled for breath.
— Team Norman The Conqueror

A great father and son moment then.

Bella Bridge, 03.08.16

Got ink? Give this one a try.

Great and the hairs add 3D effect

Peter Boysen, a Mongol Rally Veteran shares his calves with us.

Bella Bridge, 03.08.16

Remember these guys? Team Gobi-Wan Khan-Obi? The owners of the German Barkas B1000/1 Fire engine?

Jog your noggin here.

After a heart breaking outset when their magnificent beast wouldn't start and their passports were stolen, they're back.

Finally team Gobi-wan are leaving the UK. We’ve hand to exchange the orange bus for a banana yellow Micra.
— Team Gobi-Wan Khan-Obi

Fire away, you've got a fair catching up to do.

Bella Bridge, 02.08.16

The quote of the day has to go to these chaps:

God we’ve been spending a lot of time in this car. I didn’t realise that driving to Mongolia would involve so much driving.
— As The Kiwi Flies

Really though? 

Bella Bridge 02.08.16

Fuck. Team Bobbin' Along has had their car 'Bob' kidnapped by the law of Budapest.

So in place of our car this morning we found a sticker saying it’s been towed to somewhere 10 miles out of Budapest and now they put a sign up saying you can’t park on the 4th of August and that’s why it’s been taken. But it’s the 2nd?
— Team Bobbin' Along

We have faith in you. You will be reunited with Bob. And so the hunt begins.

Bella Bridge, 02.08.16

Team Don't worry, I know a (Scandinavian) Shortcut have driven through the snowy peaks of Sweden, the Arctic Circle and then down to visit Santa's House in Lapland, Finland.

All going well so far, just losing oil and a comfortable level of hygiene.
— Don't Worry, I know a (Scandinavian) Shortcut

Come on do a snow angel, you know you want to.

Sat on Santa’s lap. Asked him why we got a Vauxhall Corsa for Christmas.
— Rob, Don't worry, I know a (Scandinavian) Shortcut

Bella Bridge, 02.08.16

Team Los Moustachos have been awe in Turkmenistan at the burning Gate to Hell.

The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. This alone would make it worth doing the Mongol Rally.
— Los Moustachos

A new upgrade to the car also we see. Botched to perfection. 

Bella Bridge, 02.08.16

Team The Swarm have reached Mongolian land, here's them trying out a relationship with the water:

After two weeks of driving we have finally made it to Mongolia. The border crossing lucky only took eight hours. As soon as you then drive into Mongolia you are on to dirt track roads. They have a ‘washboard’ effect on them like corrugated steel. Which makes the car feel as though you have swapped its wheels for pneumatic road drills.
— David Price, The Swarm

Bella Bridge, 01.08.16

Tea For Love have been having a sleepover at school:

Last night we arrived late at a small village in Northern Iran. The village did not have a hotel, but after driving around town and asking around we found a guy who took us to the local high school. Apparently it’s a thing to crash in schools during national holidays in Iran
— Tea For Love

Better hope you behaved yourself or detention will be on the cards.

Bella Bridge 01.08.16

Team Tartan Trews got scorched at the Gate to Hell, the natural gas crater in Turkmenistan. 

Good work for not being sucked in by the monstrous crater, where many have fallen before.

Bella Bridge, 01.08.16

So we just arrived at the Turkey/Georgia border at 1:30am to find all the lights off and the guards sleeping. No matter though the gate was unlocked so we just slid it open and away we go!
— Back 2 Yak
 Looking like a pair of naughty school boys

Looking like a pair of naughty school boys

We take our hat off to you chaps.

Bella Bridge, 01.08.16

The "Brake Master" of Trabzon services Team #WeLive's first break down in Turkey.

They also brush up their moves with the local Turkish girls.

Bella Bridge, 01.08.16

Lock Stock and One Smoking Gasket took the alternative road in Georgia and found themselves on top of a ski slope.

Steep hills for Boris to conquer! And he bloody well did! As the sun was going under we were still climbing and Boris was shaking all the way. We were now at the top of the mountain and we had reached the top of a ski slope!
— Lock Stock and One Smoking Gasket

Never use a map. Hope you've brought skis with you.

Bella Bridge, 01.08.16

It looks like Team Winging It, two British lads have had a bad one in Azerbaijan:

No-one was hurt. Except, the car obviously. 

We’re near Samkir in Azerbaijan. Lucky we were in a convoy, the other teams with us have really helped us out!
— Winging It

Congrats for reaching the end of Week 3. Want more madness? Try Week 2.

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