The Mongol Rally 2016 Roma Beach Party

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

Like a fusion of spinning disco balls sprinkling cold beer the Roma Beach party left everyone spreading glitter in their wake and murmuring disco anthems.

They arrived exhausted but raring to go, with intriguing tan marks and often newly shaved heads. The late arrival table with Jager shots was especially popular. Here's Mr Kevin's summary:

A member of Alpha Squad made spectacular tactical face plant into his tent with almost perfect form after going a bit squiffy - definitely the temperature, not the copious amounts of vodka. 
As 10pm rolled around we were treated to a freestyle Balkanic beat fusion piece from Mr Peter on the subject of love. This culminated in a dance off between 20 or so people which continued until the early hours. Then came the glitter. Our fabulous Romanian hosts ensured that you couldn't move without getting showered in glitter. The drinks were flowing and the music went on until the wee hours. The last stragglers who were lucky enough to catch the sunrise were rewarded with the Constanta Sunrise Tradition - Bolero played as the sun appeared over the horizon. 

It was a party like no other. The drinks flowed, the tunes blared and the most daring dance moves came out on the sand.

To see the full album on Facebook go here.

For the full display of cars, watch this sunny treat from Veteran rallier Raju who's back for seconds as Team Back 2 Yak: