Mongol Rally 2016 Rolling News - Week 1

The Mongol Rally 2016 is launched and our teams are racing out of England before they bring in passport control. 

Grab yourself a gin and settle down for the latest mishaps and news from our teams as they storm through Europe.

Like your team mates accepting a new edition to the team, a European induced beer belly, Week 1 is finished. Don't fear here's more booze stories all from Week 2.

Bella Bridge, 22.07.16

It looks like the Catch Us If you Khan have had a little accident.

You show us the the car, but how did the border fare?

Let's hope Romania forgives you.

I might have crashed into the romanian border...woops
— Steve, Catch Us If You Khan

Bella Bridge 22.07.16

Just a quick update from Katrina from 67° North:

The person navigating should not sleep.
— Katrina, 67° North

Navigate? Haven't heard of the word. Especially when you are on the Transfăgărășan Highway.

Bella Bridge 22.07.16

Looks like this guy had it bad in Budapest. 

At least the highway's looking mighty fine.

His story? Hit by a bouncer. A likely tale.

Bella Bridge 22.07.16

Team Gotham Gallivanters have one thing on their mind today. The Transfăgărășan Highway, Romania.

Right bunch of posers we've got here

We don't think you'll last long driving standing on the roof though. 

Bella Bridge 22.07.16

Wondering what really happened at the Budapest party?

 Here's Mr Peter's report. Nonsensical as usual. Decipher if you will:

In the turmoil of eastern European history Budapest sits astride the Danube like some giant with her skirts flexing in the winds of change.
Down below she wears a new attire. The streets are laden with the skirmishes and cries of the fallen soldiers of our time as they embark on pub crawls and stag nights.
Embedded in this sea of fragrance and history, 700 brave and stalwart adventurers descend on a Ruined Bar to dance and drink the night away.
The inner courtyard filled and filled. The outer courtyard filled and filled. Everything and every body heaved as jubilance reigned supreme and the night hours were incarcerated in the tombs of adventurists memory.

Er, thanks Peter. So it went well then?

Bella Bridge 22.07.16

Cast your memory back to Monday:

Our ralliers were basking in the glow of a camp fire in Heidelberg, reveling in their prowess after a full 24 hours of driving. There are photos and the photos are here.

Bella Bridge, 21.07.16

One of Team Botch Job signed up on the day of the rally. A salute to your spontaneous stupidity.

Alas, they don't always make such excellent choices. This trio of physicists from Oxford University couldn't fathom the workings of their ratchet straps and 'had to cut them'. 

Bella Bridge 21.07.16

Italian team The Flaneurs are having it bad. 

They claim they tried to fix it themselves, but had to admit defeat and call for help.

They are now back on track, after a 200km tow and a little heart surgery.

Bella Bridge 21.07.16

2 Lost Men and a Pot. 

Two Lost Men In A Pot are absolute troopers.

The chaps broke down at Goodwood.

They had to walk to Halfords and back to get a battery before they realised they had no tools so had to do the journey again.  

Alas, that wasn't the last of their car woes: they had made it to Dover before breaking down in a McDonalds car park. 

If we were the type to give out prizes, they'd probably get it for the most extended Brexit. They did drive 30 hours non-stop to make it to the Budapest Party, so we'll give them an online salute for that. 

Bella Bridge 21.07.16

Ian from Awol Rascals knows just how to do an Adventurists pitstop. 

He awoke with his head well and truly fucked but his body safe on the road. 

Bed hair on the next level

We're all for stealing Grandma's old Rascal but you didn't need to take her curtains. 

Bella Bridge 21.07.16

Chris from The Good Khans had a good conversation starter for the Budapest pitstop:

Two years ago I was on the Rickshaw Run and I got held up at gun point by seven AK47s and a grenade launcher while taking a poo in a forest.
— Chris, The Good Khans

Otherwise, they reckon things are going 'a bit too well' on the Rally. That bar is quite high. We'll keep our fingers crossed for more than a broken headlight for you on the road. 

Meanwhile Good Khan Mark has been nominated the teams only 'mechanic'. Except he knows nothing about mechanics and hopes his team mates don't find out.

Shame we've probably told them here. Sorry Mark. 

Bella Bridge 21.07.16

Team Must Dash have impressed. They are still wearing the Primark suits bought for the party back in April, a ballsy move in a stuffy Hungarian bar:

  Team Must Dash'  looking dapper if a little sheepish

Team Must Dash' looking dapper if a little sheepish

Bella Bridge, 21.07.16

Team Clutching Me Softly suffered in the land of baguettes:

French kerbs are 2cm’s too high and killed our muffler.
— Team Mate, Clutching Me Softly

Definitely not your driving then.

Bella Bridge 21.07.16

The beautiful Budapest turned the teams ugly last night

The night was full of reunions and red faces, and was bit  was more than some could handle. We caught up with the teams as they got on the beer and told us about all their mechanical fuck ups this far.

The teams drank the night away and kept going.

One of Beaver Fever lost his shirt. He spilled his guts over it. Good going son. Hopefully that'll turn up in some lucky persons car.

Bella Bridge 20.07.16

It's nearing evening and the party in Budapest will just be warming up, so we'll leave you with this:

Dom’s talking about his junk again.
— Christopher, Team 67° North

Start as you mean to go on, eh Dom? 

Bella Bridge 20.07.16

Bloody hell. Both Team YakMobile and Team Norman the Conquerer have steamed ahead and made it to Russia already.

Just crossed the border after four hours of waiting and filling out forms, we are in Russia.
— Alexandre, Team YakMobile
 Someones in a rush.

Someones in a rush.

Follow the teams on the Live Tracking Map.

Bella Bridge, 20.07.16

Well it was bound to happen eventually: Team Ill Khans have lost their car keys.

Good luck explaining that in German

The truck seems overkill, but who are we to judge. Let's hope you enjoy sauerkraut. 

Bella Bridge, 20.07.16

It sounds like Team Forgone Conclusion will be feeling a bit exposed on their way to the Budapest pitstop:

Rally Tip: When leaving the car for long period of time, pop your exposed valuable items from the roof rack inside the car. We just learnt the hard way and Matt lost a bag full of undies. Some lucky buggers had a field day.
— Team Mate, Forgone Conclusion

Calling them 'Valuables' might be a bit far, but sweet of you gents to imagine others might fall into the same trap. 

Bella Bridge 20.07.16

Another day begins like a yodelling Austrian lady who's had too much beer

Team Must'dash have been camping somewhere in the the Austrian Alps.

It looks like an early start. Mind the bears though. Those woods look dark and brooding.

Bella Bridge 19.07.16

Team Back 2 Yak and other teams cosy up and camp together in Austria.

Bella Bridge 19.07.16

Team Botch Job were keen to visit the market.

Just recovered the car for a €260 fee having accidentally parked in a market stall.
— George,Team Botch Job

A large fee for a light snack eh?

Bella Bridge, 19.07.16

What about all those teams heading north? Team YakMobile have made it to Warsaw.

They had a cooling system failure but thankfully found another way to cool themselves down.

Isn't your car broken down? You chaps are looking a bit happy about it. 

It looks like Poland is treating you well. Na zdrowie!

Bella Bridge 19.07.16

There seems to lots of river action happening today. Christopher from team 67° North is expressing complaints. 


Dom’s friend is forcing us to bathe in a river against our will.
— Christopher, 67° North

Shame on you Dom and shame on your friend. Although we'd pay to see this.

Bella Bridge 19.07.16

The morning dawned and they all rolled on. Here The Gang Goes To Mongolia attempts an impulsive jump on the German-Swiss border.

Looking a bit dry still. All for the photos eh?

Bella Bridge 19.07.16

Like a deflated whoopee cushion full of Jägermeister the party was over.

Around 150 teams finally made it to last nights Heidelberg Pitstop. They used the opportunity to camp together, drink together and chew the cud.

Here's the evenings happenings fresh from our team Mr Matt and Miss Mila:

Amazingly (and possibly for the first time in Adventurists memory), everyone was extremely well behaved. In fact we witnessed only one chap who had over-enjoyed a little being helped away into the night. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it to just the right level. The 450 or so Ralliers used the time to chill out a bit and swap tales from the road so far. A few vehicles limped in a little, some in worse states than others, but nobody with any real concerns so far - certainly nothing that can't be fixed with the help of a decent German mechanic or six. Everyone was cheered upon entry - especially the motorbikes and the wonderful three-wheeled contraption driven by William from team Hiley Unlikely - already a Mongo Rally 2016 classic.

Payment of dues in the form of a camping tax was enforced with a slightly rubbery iron fist by the campsite border guards. Anyone not paying their dues - the consumption of at least one shot of Jägermeister - was shamed. To be fair, we didn't really get too many complaints. What wonderful citizens.

The amazing venue provided all our teams needed with a smile. A huge bonfire was lit, and teams relaxed, soaked up some rays from the full moon and gradually disappeared to their beds for some much needed sleep. The last dregs were dragging themselves to their beds at around 5am - just as some of the more organised teams were waking up for their morning shower.

All in all it was a roaring success, and lo and behold - by the time we arrived back on site in the morning most teams had already packed up and cleared off - with barely even a speck of litter to be seen anywhere. It just goes to show you that paying your taxes really does work.

Thanks to all at the venue for their sterling hard work, to all the teams for their marvellous manners and to everyone who helped out generally to make this quite simply one of the nicest pitstops ever.

It all sounds grand. Onwards to Budapest.

Bella Bridge 18.07.16

The five ladies of Team #WeLive have reached Heidelburg. All dressed up and ready to party at the first official pitstop.

#WeLive have put a new spin on the Mongol Rally and are using it as a vehicle to meet women's rights organisations as they travel. Plus, the five women using two cars only met for the first time on the day of the launch. A brave choice. 

All to interview women across the globe, document womens’ rights, raise money for charity and be the catalyst for change for women everywhere!
— Alice Nettleingham, #WeLive

Lofty goals, thoroughly commendable. Bravo ladies, and best of luck on your rally.

Bella Bridge 18.07.16

Team Back 2 Yak are improving relations with the police already.

We won't deny we were hoping for the Rally's first fine, but apparently they just took a liking to their car. 

Bella Bridge 18.07.16

He doesn't look too impressed

Igor of the Fiesta Vikings has made it to Paris then.

We're rather impressed that they made it so far. We thought Igor would've been lost to a speedbump while still on our shores. Watch them drive off from Goodwood:

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

Team Should've Bought a Micra having a quick check under the bonnet in France.

Your car is such a poser.

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

Brandon from Team PvE is having some regrets already:

Perhaps we should have had someone teach Laura to drive a manual transmission before the rally.
— Brandon, Team PvE

Apparently the number has doubled since. 

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

It's great to hear that Team Amadain Abroad are trying the local food:

Arrived in Calais safe and sound.
After trying the exquisite French cuisine at McDonalds we’re now going to head to Frankfurt.
— Connor, Team Amadain Abroad

When in France.

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

Wave goodbye to beans on toast and drizzle. Mind you, Ferry crossings tend to be a lot of waiting around and clautrophobic enviroments.

You've made it across water. Jolly well done.

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

In a cloud of smoke they disappeared. Hopefully to brighten the day of the Ferry Queue Stewards. Is this a job? Probably. 

Time to kiss the hallowed soils of Blighty goodbye in the rear view mirror for a while.
— John, Carry On Campus

We hope you've brushed up on your french.

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

They are off. The rally starts here. Thanks to Mike Norton for the photo. 

Only 10,000 miles left. Time to get on the road then.

Bella Bridge 17.07.16

This is a good start:

A video posted by Amanda Ford (@flepolea) on

That's our man Nye having a bit of difficulty. One day he might learn to drive. 

That's all from Week 1 but if you missed it here's how it happened at the Launch

The 2016 Mongol Rally launched 17th July.  Catch up: 

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