Mongol Rally Rolling News - Week 2

It's Week 2. Our teams have wobbled through Europe and are negotiating the Caucasus. Others on the Northern Route are already deep into Russia. Here's the best of the news as they head towards the finish line of Ulan Ude.

Like an exploding gin filled hot air balloon the Week 2 is over. Drink up, dear readers the weekend has arrived. We'll be back on Monday with news from the weekend. Tickle your taste buds in Week 3.

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

Define wrong turn...
— Hiley Unlikey

Team Hiley Unlikely have over heated whilst mountain climbing.

We've got to give it to you for getting this far though.

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

Cappadocia is worth getting up at the crack of dawn for, Team Is This The Right Way? discovered.

Our first night on hammocks wasn’t the comfiest of places to sleep, but fortunately it wasn’t for very long. After a late night barbecue and a few beers, we got up at 5am to watch the hot-air balloons rise with the sun whilst making some scrambled eggs over a camp fire.
— Is This The Right Way?

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

Team Rub-a-Dub Dub, Three Men and a Tub are making gym chums at the Turky/Georgia border.

He'll be ripped in no time with those moves.

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

Team Thunderbird's have found Turkey salty:

We set off from Istanbul for Cappadocia. Expecting 750km of boring motorway driving, we stumbled across Lake Tuz; a massive salt lake in the middle of Turkey, which dries up into a huge salt flat in the summer.
— Isaac, Team Thunderbirds

Salt, sand and shorts, living the dream

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

Best late sign up has got to be The Yeahnahistans. 

These three young chaps from the land of Oz sadly lost their Mum in March and signed up in May to do it in her memory.

One things for certain, you don't seem short on a few friends on your way. 

Bella Bridge, 29.07.16

The fierce team of two - Hareen Said Let's Go are nearing the Arctic circle .

They're partial for the local dish:

Sapmi lady’s cafe; reindeer sandwich and coffee.
— Heereen Said Let's Go
 Back at launch day

Back at launch day

Bella Bridge 28.7.2016

It's all about balloons this week as the teams converge on Cappadocia.

Steph from the hungry Astronauts got there first:

Fancy this as your morning view?

The thing that will beat a photo of a balloon is probably being in the Balloon. 

I think we might have been in the balloon on the furtherest left...
— Ancel, AWOL Rascals

Raju from Back 2 Yak gets the award for speediest editing. If we've done our maths right, you should be able to spot the tent in this video: 

Bella Bridge, 28.07.16

Team Must'dash: 'Too white for Russia'. Their words not ours: 

Russia looks like it's treating you grand.

Bella Bridge 28,07.16

2C Some Yaks have been through some cranky times with Claude the2CV.

No amount of bump starts could get it going, and Claude looked set for the scrapyard:

Miraculously, the garage managed to find a local 2CV enthusiast who would be able to fix Claude. Must’ve been the only one in the whole of Turkey! Hopefully we will get Claude up and running by Sunday.
— 2C Some Yaks

Enough with the crankiness Claude, you're well loved. And pretty lucky. 

Bella Bridge, 28.07.16

Team Southwind Storm have noticed a mysterious rattling sound.

We have driven another few hundred kms and have decided that the wheel joint is not the source of the problem -it is a problem but will be fine for the time being. So we will look into the rattle in a few days when we get to Tbilisi, Georgia.
— Southwind Storm

The right move probably. Always good to ignore strange sounds coming from your car.

Bella Bridge, 28.07.16

Team Tartan Trailblazers engine was struggling to hold onto it's oil at the foot of the Sumela Turkish Monastery. 

Luckily, the team were spotted by a local who seemed to have an idea. After a furious game of charades with a Turkish man making steering wheel gestures, they reckoned he was going to drive in front to lead the convoy. Not so: 

Instead he jumped into the car on top of my co-driver and gestured to get going.
— Tartan Trailblazers

Whatever gets the job done eh? 

Bella Bridge 28/07/16

Los Moustachos look like they've been feeling the weather. Luckily for them the rain has been kind. 

Brave of them to be driving topless.

We drove an astonishing 28 hours to get back on schedule from Buglaria to Turkey. It gets really cold at night, especially when you have no roof or doors but we’ve survived. DAF is still doing great and all the locals love our car.
— Team Los Moustachos

That's an impressive drive behind you lads. We're looking forward to that slow-mo footage of the wind blowing through your hair.

We're rather pleased they should be doing so well, as they were one of our cars to watch:  

Bella Bridge 27.07.16

Team Yak On Track, a mix of Kiwi's, an Argentinian and American have arrived in Turkey.

They've got a rather good sleeping arrangement but are stepping out on their car with a hot air balloon.

Hurry back to your motor though, you don't want it getting jealous.

Bella Bridge, 27.06.16

Romania meant our third and final European party. 

Roma Beach digested the teams and spat them out as a sparkly sand covered mess on the shore.

Lets hear from Mr Kevin as he tells us how The 2016 Mongol Rally Beach Party in Romania went down:

From midday there was a steady trickle of teams arriving at Roma Beach on the coast of the Black Sea. As the sun began to set, the torches were lit and the trickle became a flood of cars to pack out the parking.  As some people nursed their cars and compared black eyes, others set to work building the night's encampment on the sand.
A gaggle of Norwegians took it upon themselves to set up a secondary welcome station with rows of shots for their comrades heading to the bar. Needless to say, they were popular. 
A member of Alpha Squad made spectacular tactical face plant into his tent with almost perfect form after going a bit squiffy - definitely the temperature, not the copious amounts of vodka. 
As 10pm rolled around we were treated to a freestyle Balkanic beat fusion piece from Mr Peter on the subject of love. This culminated in a dance off between 20 or so people which continued until the early hours. Then came the glitter. Our fabulous Romanian hosts ensured that you couldn't move without getting showered in glitter. 
The drinks were flowing and the music went on until the wee hours. The last stragglers who were lucky enough to catch the sunrise were rewarded with the Constanta Sunrise Tradition - Bolero played as the sun appeared over the horizon. 
Teams began to disperse throughout the morning and early afternoon with only a few teams left fiddling with their undercarriage and making some last minute repairs.
Onwards to Russia. 

Bella Bridge, 27.07.16

Team Mong-hooligans Bucket of Bolts are driving in a steaming volcano:

We have a slow puncture we have to top up everyday and we have to turn the heating on to stop it from dying.
— Shane, The Mong-hooligans Bucket of Bolts

Looking majestic gazing over the Transfăgărășan highway

Easy solution. Drive in your birthday suits. 

Bella Bridge, 27.07.16

Team Kanga and the Kiwis are living it large on the roads.

Someone's keen to edit. Looks pretty scenic.

Bella Bridge, 27.07.16

Here are Team Your Grandmotoher in their scorching hot Hijet at the launch.

What you do for beer

Hijet pals, live on

Since then they've conquered the Turkish border and were surprised to find something other then Turkish Delight: Tea.

Very friendly turkish people and chai tea everywhere!
— Alexander, Your Grandmotoher

Bella Bridge, 27. 07.16


Cooking in your bonnet. Mastered by The Fault In Our Car.

Engine baked potato anyone?

The multinational team seem to be having a right jolly time, sleeping by the odd lake and visiting theTransfăgărășan Highway. We especially enjoyed the novel tattoo placement.

Bella Bridge, 26.07.16

The Yeahnahistans and Team Kite Kite Surfers sneaked into the Bulgarian communist headquarters last night.

Looks an alright place to spend the night, if you can shake the feeling that a UFO will suck you up.

Bella Bridge, 26.07.16

Team Catch Us If You Khan have made a bit of a cock up. They forgot their proof of ownership on their car: 

Left our v5 at home. We’ve sent it to Bulgaria and we can’t change it. Bulgarians won’t let us in.
— Steve, Catch Us If You Khan

Amazingly Team Pineapple have nobly offered to drive to East Bulgaria to pick it up and then back to the border for the team. Hope for humanity on the Mongol Rally.

Bella Bridge, 26.07.16

The moose has moved.

The police did not take a fancy to The Fiesta Viking's moose mascot and ordered them to remove it. Only in Germany. 

They did not like how Igor was covering our rear plate, and also thought his antlers presented a danger to other drivers.
— Team Member, Fiesta Vikings

Kiss goodbye to the stylish pimping to the back of the car. But luckily Ignor can catch rays instead on the roof.

Bella Bridge, 26.07.16

Ah balls: the first crash. 

Team A Man Is Not A Camel have that honour. 

They hit us, we were exiting roundabout and they came crashing through like a missile.
— Martin McPhelly, Team A Man Is Not A Camel

Luckily it looks like he fared a bit worse then you. Hold out for the sympathy beers.

Bella Bridge, 26.07.16

Team WhereDoWeGo? are attempting the Mongol Rally in a 1960 Ford Falcon.

The determined souls, one a previous Mongol veteran have made it to the rather impressive Skarsvag in Norway right in the far north of Europe. 

Good going chaps.

In case you've forgotten these ambitious men and their beauty of a car. How could you? Take a look how they cruised out of Goodwood:

Bloody good show if you ask me.

That's it folks for Week 2. Roll up for Week 1, where it all started.

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