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It Begins. We've got eight hundred Ralliers descending on Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit for the Mongol Rally launch. 

This will be their last twenty four hours on England's pleasant mountains green before they leave us for the mainland and beyond. 

Let's hope they use it wisely:

Rosa Earp

It's the Sunday of the Launch day, in a video.


And a shameless sign up link. Go to:

Rosa Earp

The famous lap itself. Apparently the course was completed in 40 seconds once. Er... not by these cars though:

Rosa Earp

Here it is, Class of 2016 on inauguration day. 

Good luck Ralliers. 

Rosa Earp

It was a fairy early wake up call:

I woke up this morning and they’d unpacked the tent around me. There was no tent. It’s not doing well for my head.
— 101 DamnNations Teammemember

That's one way to handle a sluggish team-member I suppose. 

Rosa Earp

Something's not right with Team Armarda. When asked about their last minute regrets, we heard:

Just our team.
— One member of Team Amarda
I wish I completed my will.
— Another member of Team Amarda

Hopefully we'll see you both in Russia. 

Rosa Earp

Team Lost Men and a Pot's car won't start. There's always one. 

They are planning to jumpstart it on the line. Start as you mean to go on eh? 

Rosa Earp

I think this proves there's nothing like a bit of Mongolian Wrestling to get you in the mood for a long drive:

Bravo to the brave Ralliers who volunteered for a beating. 

Rosa Earp


It's Sunday morning. Our teams are assembling at Goodwood Motor Circuit for their rally lap. 

The fan belt’s making a bit of a noise now, so we’re hoping to make it to the ferry without breaking down.
— Ian - AWOL Rascals

They are driving this little number. 

That's the way to aim high, Ian. Although we'll place our bets on a Belgium breakdown.  

We heard that team-member Ancel is a bit taller than the Bedford Bambi designers had in mind.  He has to sleep with his feet in the cabin.  One night down, only a month more to go.

Mind you, there aren't many cars that were designed with a journey like the Rally in mind. We'd ban them anyway. 

A promising start to the day.

Rosa Earp

We'll be back tomorrow with the best of Sunday. 

Are you on Facebook? We've got a whole album of Saturday launch nonsense to tide you over until then. 

Bella Bridge 16.07.16

Team Tasmaniyaks demonstrating this rather neat adaptation:

They'll be worth befriending. 

Bella Bridge 16.07.16

We met a chap guy called Russell who owned a car. That's not so surprising. What is fairly unusual, is how he came across his fair vehicle:

Well I had a few beers one night and it sort of appeared.
— Russel, Team 5 Go To Mongolia

That's a new one. Team 5 Go To Mongolia have since gone for a decoupage look.

Famous Five? If you say so. 

If only it was waterproof eh? Maybe they'll be lucky and get to Mongolia without it raining.

Bella Bridge 16.07.16

It looks like Team Summer Show Seekers had a little too much for one day.

What a perfect canvas

Hold out lads. It's going to be a long one.

Bella Bridge 16.07.16

Irish Team Mongolian Bakers are most worried about their super small car.

It’s a really small Japanese car for small Japanese people.
— Jaime, Team Mongolian Bakers

Getting cosy there boys? You will be. 

Better get on the shrinking juice then.

Bella Bridge 16.07.16

Team Yes Man are a bit sensitive when it comes to their weight. Apparently someone commented they were a bit bottom heavy: 

That's one way to fix it. 

You'd think they would look twice at those four tyres on the roof.

After all, we hear you can buy tyres abroad. 

They're going for a more radical approach: 

We need to loose a lot of weight. Just tell Dave he can’t come.
— Ed, Team Yes Man

Rosa Earp

You know how at school you always left assignments til the last minute?
— Sam, Team Pandemonium

Yes. And we salute you. 

Rosa Earp

Anyone that was on the A27 whilst it was temporarily closed, sorry. That was us. The police thought we were a mobile bomb and deployed the armed response unit on us. We’ve taken our bike-locked Jerry cans off and they’ve signed the car, so it’s all good.
— Nathan

Nothing to see here, folks. 

Rosa Earp

John McCarthy from Team Hostels and Brothels has got two empty fortune cookies. 

That's got to be the worst omen. 

Rosa Earp

This is Team Fiesta Vikings and that is Igor:

He is a gift for a pub in Eastern Ukraine called Full Moos. There is a perfect spot for it above the door. They don’t know it’s coming though.
— Vidar, Fiesta Vikings

Let's just hope The Full Moos aren't reading or that's one surprise ruined. 

I guess no-ones’s going to rear end us.
— Vidar, Fiesta Vikings

You're probably right. I reckon people will give you er... quite a wide berth. 

Rosa Earp

Marcus from Team Jäger Battalion has a Jägermeister gun and shoots it right down people's throats:

That's one way to make friends. 

Rosa Earp

The Gallivanting Quines have quite the set up:

Catherine is 70 and wanted to do the Rally with her husband, He got killed three years ago, so she’s asked me to do it with her. Here we go now, the oldest of the lot: the wifies out for an adventure.
— Anne, The Galivanting Quines

Best of luck ladies. 


Rosa Earp

Team PvE has arrived. They have lost a team-member on route, but they have made it with a car in tow.

The linkage to the gear box popped off while Ali was driving. We got it fixed, but only just. We had to drive 8 hours to get here from Germany.

— Brandon, Team PvE

They seem remarkably unconcerned about the missing Laura. 

Rosa Earp

Team Keystone with their chariot. The before, to the after. 

I don’t want to drop the beers
— Anthony, Team Keystone

Good priorities from Day 1. This bodes well. 

Rosa Earp

This is going to be a good day. Thanks Las Lagunitas brewery.

Rosa Earp

What's that clanging? That'll be the crap cars. 

The Mongol Rally launches July 17th from Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit

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