Meet the Vehicles of the 2016 Mongol Rally

Golly exhausts. The Mongol Rally Launch is nearly upon us and we can almost smell the smoking tyres and hear the hungry growls of motors. To whet your apetite, this is our pick of the group so far. The dog's bollocks, if you will:

Team Thunderbirds
Perodua Kenari

If you were to drive this un-pimped around the track or down the street you'd have to endure a few sniggers. We have to own these lads have made a rather good effort with the Thunderbird theme and we bet it nips around the place.

Alas for them, it's a bit light and tall which might prove interesting  in blustery weathers. Perhaps they think that being named Thunderbird 2 has made it indestructible? Yeah and my Gran’s a porn star.  


Team Eat Pasta, Go Fasta
Citroen AK 400

This French rarity is a bold choice. Repping it’s 1980’s vibe of colours and 602 cc engine, it looks a beauty. Shame it doesn’t have any brakes yet. 

Bon voyage et bon chance. Sounds like you’re going to need it. 


Team Gobi-Wan Khan-Obi
Barkas B1000/1

This delightfully garish fire engine is suitably dubbed Brünhilde. She hails from East Germany, 1989 the year before we all got middle partings and polar-necked up.

The Barkas might look spacious here but was once employed as a disguised food delivery truck to snatch citizens from the street. Sounds like a load of jolly fun. 

Just don’t be people snatching on your travels. But if you must, try and make sure they'll be assets to your team. 

Team Hiley Unlikely
Berkeley T60

This beauty of a two door roadster rolled off the production line in 1959. 

With just over a week to go, it's is still work in progress, undergoing a fairly ambitious rebuild with a Honda CB400cc superdream engine. 

Three wheels and twisting bends can only mean one thing though and we hope you enjoy life from an angle.


Team Should've Bought A Micra
Singer Gazelle

A classic choice. You know by looking that this curvaceous beast has a sexy growl that will set it apart on it’s travels.

Watch out ladies here comes the babe magnet. Even if it's something my Grandfather thought cool.  

Team Los Moustachos
1974 DAF

This pre make-over 1974 army jeep screams Action Man? This badass jeep is definitely my choice of car. I can't wait for the updates from the desert with it's sunburnt passengers. 

Ex army is a smart choice, let's hope it's less robust than it looks.  

The Mongol Rally launches July 16th from Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.

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