This is Adventure 10 - The Finish Line

It's the last day of Adventure 10. We've got the beers in the fridge and if the pioneers get here soon there might even be some left for them.

It's Friday 29th April. This is the Adventure 10 finish line. 


What's a rolling news without a six hour break? We're back to update you on the finish line breakdown. 

As 11 bikes rolled in as a convoy, 7pm marked the arrival of Hans, Don, Eric, Ky, Tommy, Will, Andy, Oscar, Alvaro, Jools and Alberto. Of those, the most remarkable was the arrival of Alberto- towed by Alvaro and pushed by Jools. Apprently, both were necessary. 

That left only Fred, Bjorn and Marcus, who joined a few minutes later. That's a full house. 

Nice sunset stroll anyone? Even more romantic with these guys around. So then, what was the verdict from the pioneers?

I didn’t break down. But I did come off. There’s a hole in my knee.
— Marcus
Everything was great. But the teapot didn’t survive.
— Alvaro
I rode with Oscar. He was always zooming ahead. Sometimes we’d stop for coffee, we’d just have to hope he’d notice and come back.
— Eric
The bikes are not reliable. All it takes is for you to stall and then you spend two minutes getting it started again.
— Marcus
A brilliant mini-adventure.
— The first words from Pioneer Hans

We'll probably keep this one.


They approach:

Spotted. 11 Monkey Bikes.
— Toby - A 10 Crew


What's this? Theres a team in Agadir. Some pioneers are coming in for the final stretch. Commendably late. We should probably find some more beer for them.


Looks like Don, Hans, Will, Thomas, Eric and a few others have decided their bikes are way too much fun to give up.
— Sarah, Mototaxi Junket Veteran, Mongol Rally Veteran and wife of Pioneer Don

We reckon you're right Sarah. We're fourteen bikes short at the finish line. We do have all the gin though, so we're not too worried. 


Hans Sprecher and Don Mclester have just hit 1000kms. And we reckon they are still 100km away.


Fred, Bjorn and Marcus are about 3 hours away. They have gone for Paradise valley. Apparently they are 25km from there. That's still another 30kms from here. Will they make it in time? Pushing it. This rounds to them then.


Where are the others? 

Jools and Bambu Heroes are making the most of the last few hours with their bikes. 


The verdict is in from Jacopo:

Luckily, this country has more mechanics than bikes.
— Jacopo

He's come in with three new pistons, and a whole new new engine. His bike is now a 80cc. Is that cheating? Probably not we reckon.


Need a reminder of who we're talking about? You can remedy that here. 

14 .35

The first pioneer has arrived. It's Jacopo. 


Today is our last day on the bikes. We have managed to meet in the town square for a ride through the old city before some of us head into the mountains for one more chance for an epic break down. This has been truly epic.
— Don


Head of the pack Jacopo reckons he's got some time to spare. He's hit the beach in Agadir. 


The finish line is within sight for Jacopo in Agadir. Jools and Bambu Heroes look like they are lining themselves up with the highway.

As for Hans and friends, well they've decided to head north. Into the mountains apparently.  What their plan is? We have no idea. They seem to have forgotten they've only got 6 hours until the party begins. 

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