This is Adventure 10 - The Pioneers

We released Adventure 10 in February at our Annual Conference. Back then, it was more of a theory. Quite a loose theory actually. Luckily, these chaps weren't daunted and within a week, all the places were gone. 

Now they are in Morocco, about to mount their Monkey Bikes, we should probably introduce them.

We still aren't sure if Adventure 10 is possible, but these are the guys who've volunteered their limbs to help us find out.  

We wish them luck. 

Maybe there’s a kind of sado masicist that a pioneer event attracts.
— Peter, Event Manager

Bon voyage Adventurers. We wish you well.   

We'll be covering their progress on TwitterFacebook and on the Live Dashboard

We've rather confidently put two editions of Adventure 10 up for sale. Perhaps you'd like to cross Morocco on a 50cc bike.

January is sold out. There are only a few spots left next April.