This is Adventure 10 - The Launch

April is the month for tiny wheels and fickle engines. Now the Rickshaw Run has finished, it's time for Adventure 10.  We've shipped out fourteen Adventure veterans and human guinea pigs to our secret location twelve hours from Marrakech. If that sounds a bit painful, we think they're going to forgive us:

This is the startline.

Our Pioneers have to drive 50cc Monkey Bikes 1000kms in six days. They begin in the Sahara, they finish when they hit the Altantic and on the way, they'll have to climb over the Atlas Mountains.

This is Adventure 10, and the pioneer launched this weekend. 

Our Pioneers are veterans and adventurers of the highest caliber. And they've agreed to test that caliber against the unpredictable Monkey Bike. What could go wrong on this one? Quite a lot actually:

Soft sand will send them off, heavy loads won’t help. They’ll have a high centre of gravity with human and baggage which will make the bikes really twitchy.

What else will be tough? Being rattled for hours and hours. Also if you take your eye of the dirt, It’ll catch you. Every little bump sends you off in another direction.
— Kester, A10 crew

Luckily, Morocco is full of little bumps. That's not all they'll find hard: 

Scorpions, roast them.
Snakes, avoid them
Camel Spiders, hunt them.
Beware of a plant with milky liquid, it will blind you.
Dunes, we will not help you.
Rabies can happen. Dogs like little bikes.
— Peter, A10 Event Manager.

A particularly poetic sendoff. Any final advice? "Let me get my hat" says Peter. Er, probably not then. 

I was relying on Hans for the logistics and tommy for the mechanics. Tommy brought no tools and Han’s map says we’re not on a real road.
— Don

After toasting their bravery late into the night, we conspired to give them an unnecessarily early wake up call and an suitably magnificent sendoff.

The sense of loss and the sense of sorrow we all carry so often is forgotten and has no invitation to be either perceived or accepted for what it is. The closed box and the journey, the blindfold and the rope each with its knot and hand on the knot are all very strong symbolic elements almost primordial. The leading across the sand by one who sees is biblical.
— Peter

Good. So, did it work?

This is the best hazing process I never want to do again.
— Tommy
It’s not everyone who can say they’ve been led blindfolded into the Sahara.
— Pioneer Will

And then they were gone.

We’re hoping things will go extremely wrong and we’ll learn from that.
— Peter - Event Manager

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