Adventure 10 Rolling News

Two months ago, it was only a tickle in Mr Tom's adventure ball sack. After an expedited gestation, now the Pioneer is here. 

This is Adventure 10 and this is the latest. Updated as the Data gods allow.

We've switched over to just covering the rolling news at the finish line. Join us there.


Fred was the lone wolf today. He went not for camping but 'bed bug inn.' Alas, after getting a head start he smelled the finish line too early. 

As soon as I started thinking about success, Bubbles decided that first gear was fast enough for me Trundling along at 5mph he overheated and died.
— Fred

Fixable? Maybe. After a 20km tow in the wrong direction. 


Don did a stage by himself today. Apparently he thought the others were behind him.

Actually, they were drinking coffee, watching him drive away. Nice of them not to stop him. 


He may have joined the party late but Marcus is now all caught up. 

Blood. Detours. Mountain scrambles. And we’ve finally found a petrol station after running on reserves for the last 5km.
— Marus


Taking a route through the mountains with this incredibly well engineered motorcycle has turned out to be the best workout I could have ever asked for.
One day this will be funny
— Tommy

One day Tommy? How about Saturday? 


Hans, Ky, Don, Jacopo, Fred and Tommy have spent a night under the stars in the Atlas Moutains. Since they are travelling on a Monkey Bike, none of them have a tent. 

We can see every star that ever existed.
That’s all we can see though.
— Ky

Sounds cosy. 


Bjorn still alive. Bike too barely. Transmission sounds like it might fall apart any moment.

At the mechanic,after explaining what happened, first insists is the carburetor, then the piston.

Tempted to take his tools and do it myself.
— Bjorn


On Adventure 10, love is blossoming. 

I think I love Ky. We just watched him drive past the highest peak in Morocco and he was singing to himself all the way through the valley.
— Kev - A10 crew

Sorry you had to find out this way, Amanda. 


Finding fuel is sometimes a challenge as you have to drive around a village saying “petrol” to everyone until someone finally hands over a pop bottle filled with the nectar of the combustible engine.
— Don

Finally some good news for Jacopo, who is not only back on the road, but has some company

Jacopo taking an on-the-road selfie with Fred in the background


Don 'McLegend' McLester atop his steed atop a high mountain pass yesterday.


By end of today the will still be over 300k with some rough terrain along the way. It will be a push to finish on Fri
— Eric


Starting afresh from where he left off, Jaco is back in the mechanics. The oil pump this time.

And today the oil pump. I feel someone has sabotaged Fezzy. Peter???
— Jaco
 Not to be left out of the 'oil pump snap' Jacopo has lost his pump this morning too.

Not to be left out of the 'oil pump snap' Jacopo has lost his pump this morning too.


Not everyone's having a tough time of it though, for some the wheels are still rolling westwards.


While some of our pioneers seem to be making progress, others a lot less so.

It drives great, after a solid repair/ tune up
— Ky

'It drives great, after a solid repair/ tune up' - Ky

Changed piston, problem not solved. Still at the mechanic. My best friend
— Jacopo

After getting to Tazentoute, Jacopo was forced to return to Ouarzazate for more repairs.

While Fred and Hans are playing the world's most frustrating game of 'Snap' (that's a pair of sub-optimal oil pumps)

 'I told you we should've bought a pack of cards'

'I told you we should've bought a pack of cards'

Mr Kester has these words of consolation though; 'They actually have parts for these engines here, as a lot of their shitty bikes are from China. Great news'


It was all looking a bit easy wasn't it? Gently pootling along, taking in the scenery and working on the back-of-the-neck tan. Don't worry though. Half way through and the teams are reminded this is an adventure, not a Sunday cruise.

I blew a gearbox gasket and so did the bike.
Har Har Har.
I hate myself sometimes
— Tommy
Fucking Chinese bike.
I need a mechanic
— Jacopo
The engine sounds like a bag of rocks being shaken around in a can.
— Tommy
I think it’s more like a collection of hard boiled quails eggs sauteed in a faux quiver and shaken around on a Wednesday
— Ky
The bikes hate us all. They were built that way. They know who and when to break down on
— Will
Engine oil black and watery , replaced it. Will continue to El Ksiba, another 120km. Finger crossed.
— Bjorn


Monkey pioneer see, monkey pioneer do? This clip captured by Mr Kester show how it's not always a good idea to blindly follow the guy in front.

monkey see monkey do.gif

You like your Adventure in small square pictures? We got that covered.

We're told this is Alberto, Alvaro and Jools. Apparently celebrating not getting a tan. #adventure10

A photo posted by The Adventurists (@theadventurists) on



An elite squadron of deranged halfwits with a proclivity for far flung locales and stupefyingly inadequate modes of transportation. Proud to be counted amongst them.
— Will

We're rather chuffed to have you along Will. 


He may have started a day late, but Marcus has already caught up to the group:

marvus has found them. hpw_.jpg
What’s the collective noun: gibbon of monkeybikes?
— Marcus

Quite an impressive days work. 


Had the bike on a continuous IV oil infusion. Used 3 litres of oil to get here. Only 2 litres of petrol.
— Ky

Ky's a doctor in real life. In case you can't tell. 


We tweet. So should you if you want updates like these:


We have a few bike issues....think it may have something to do with rousting the bikes over a 2200m col then taking the piste downhill at about 70kph.
— Jools

We're a bit sympathetic to the bikes on this one. Seasoned motorbiker Jools and his travel companions Alvaro and Alberto probably aren't going particularly easy on their chariots. But then that's exactly why they're here. 


As we traverse the country to get to the finish line, the locals are telling us where our bikers are. It seems they are quite conspicuous. 

There's also subtle signs like these, spotted by Kester:

My guess is the Spaniards passed through here.
— Kester


We've been banging on about 14 Pioneers all weekend but that's only because one of them didn't show up. Mr Marcus Deglos has arrived. 

Veteran of the Mongol Rally in a Ferrari, The Pioneer Ngalawa Cup, and the Pioneer Icarus Trophy, none of his adventures have so far gone quite to plan. His Adventure 10, seemed destined to follow suit but if he can make it to the end, we might just call this a spectacular win. 

25/04/16 13:51

Jools and Bambu Heroes have reached the highest village in Morocco, reached 90kph and been at 3000m
— Alvaro

25/04/16 12:21

I'm not sure Jacopo has really got the idea of these adventures right. He appears to have hired himself a guide. If this adventure had any rules, I'm pretty sure that'd be against them.

25/04/16 06:42

"Monkey Pioneers, go to Goulima" What? Personalised roadsigns? Well we didn't do that.


It's the close of Day 1. 

Bambu heroes have found Jools on the road and set up somewhere called 'Tantatouchte.' if google hasn't heard of it, does does it really exist? Almost certainly yes. 

Italian Jacopo has gone his own way and set up in Tafraude, alarmingly close to the Algerian border. 

Meanwhile Will, Eric, Ky, Oscar, Tommy, Don and Fred are holed up in a Bedouin tent in Goulima. 

The others? We have no idea. No news is good news probably. 

24/04/16 21.26

 Lone wolf Jacopo, getting some local help

Lone wolf Jacopo, getting some local help

This bike is madly crazy on the sand
— Jacopo

Yeah, not built for sand. Mr Tom discovered that too on the recce. 

Sorry Jacopo, we probably could have warned you. That would've been a bit helpful though. 

24/04/16 12.57

Team America, taking on some liquid refeshment

The first breakdown is in. It's Mongol Rally veteran Will apparently.

Details? We don't have any. But we'll try to hide our glee when we ask for them. 


It's been about 8 hours and Alvaro is perhaps having second thoughts:

On the bike, it’s not the best. you are sitting with your knees up - it’s an awkward position. You need to stretch your legs but you can put them above the blinkers. That’s a good solution when you are driving.
— Alvaro


It's been about 6 hours, and this just in:

These are just the coolest bikes ever.
— Alvaro

This adventure is a goer then. 

Jools's Bike, as shot by Mr Kester.

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