This is Adventure 10

This is Adventure 10 and this the Pioneer Edition We've sent Mr Tom and Buddy on a recce and we're pretty confident there's a good adventure to be had in Morocco. Now, we need to test the theory. Luckily we know quite a few veterans who have volunteered to join us. Brave of them.

This is the invite only pioneers edition. We've hand selected fourteen, the cream of the Adventurist crop. We've got the brave, the crazy and the foolhardy.  Which is which? They know. 

To begin, we leave them in Merzouga, nestled in the fabled dunes of the Sahara. We will await their arrival at the finish line in Taghazout, 6 days later. That's about 1000 kms on one of these:

On this one, the distance is only one of the issues. Rather these bikes are magnificently, endearingly shit. Noisy, thirsty, fond of breaking down, bad at turning, shocking in the sand - these little beasts are an Adventure waiting to happen. 

Luckily, our Pioneers can probably handle it. Especially since we've given them no details to work with in advance:

Think a lot about Sartorial Elegance. A Monkey Bike can wreak havoc on the knees of any good trousers. You may not get your trousers back. Ties are not appropriate. It will blow out of place. Don’t think about jerry cans, gaffer or ropes because that space would be more useful holding your sandwiches. Can you fit everything you’re planning to take with you into your pockets? Then you are taking too much.

Don’t take a map. Don’t take GPS. Definitely don’t take a mobile phone. Do your best not to think about where you’re going and how to get there until after that moment has come.
— Advice from Mr Tom, Adventurists founder

With advice like that, they'll probably be fine. 

Tonight, our Pioneers drink to their adventure, to each other and to the gods to give them safe passage across the dunes. Tomorrow, they launch. Into the Sahara. Here's hoping to make it across the Atlas Mountains. 

We'll be covering their progress on Twitter, Facebook and on the Live Dashboard