Three legends of Adventure Crowned

At the conference on Saturday three outstanding gents were recognised for their contributions to adventurism. Not just for the number of Adventures they'd each been on, but for the style they bring to each adventure too.

Don McLester

Mongol Rally 2013
Mongol Rally 2014
Mototaxi Junket Winter 2012
Icarus Trophy 2015

Eric Krause

Mongol Rally 2010
Mototaxi Junket Spring 2011
Ice Run 2012
Mongol Rally 2013
Ice Run 2015

Jools Peppit

Mongol Rally 2007
Mongol Rally 2008
Mongol Derby 2009
Mototaxi Junket Summer 2011
Ice Run 2012

Something tells me we'll be seeing this lot on the Adventure 10 pioneer run too.

Photos of AAC: Sam Stewart