The Adventurists Annual Conference - Done

Delegates flew in from as far away as South Carolina, Chicago and Cambridge, New Zealand. 170 of Adventurism's brightest stars crammed under one roof. If the unspeakable happened and the roof caved in, humanity would be dealt a crushing blow and we would be launched into a new Dark Age. Fortunately that didn't happen. 

 There's nothing like a gin & tonic reception to get a party started

There's nothing like a gin & tonic reception to get a party started

After the gin and tonic reception, Mr Buddy assumed his customary role as master of ceremonies. First introducing Mr Dan to welcome the delegates and present his 'annual report' telling the story of the birth of the Adventurists. 

Uncharacteristically Mr Dan was both succinct and witty, delighting the delegates with tales of the early days of Mr Tom sitting around in his pants dreaming of world domination, not to mention the numerous death threats and law suits offered to him in the last ten years.

Next up was Matthew from our official charity Cool Earth. He was quick to thank the Adventurists fundraisers for their great work and to give details of what their fundraising had achieved to date.

As dinner was looming, Mr Tom took to the stage to talk about the new adventures from 2015. We were treated to a director's cut of the three videos, Ice Run, Ngalawa Cup and Icarus Trophy, followed with a Q&A with two pioneers Hugh & Don.

Just before dinner delegates were presented with an Adventurists first. For the first time ever the identity of our newest adventure would be open to vote. Four potential candidates were presented for consideration with the most popular to be announced at the end of the evening.

After dinner Per Lindstrand, record breaking balloonist and partner of Richard Branson took to the stage to tell tales of his adventures at altitude. Aside from his world records he has a cupboard full of awards including America's highest flying award the Harmon Trophy. He is also one of the few men in the world who has every flying license you can get.

Sara Klymkowsky with her well deserved fundraising award

Not long after, the room was filled with anticipation as a gigantic countdown clock began approaching zero. Mr Tom returned to the stage to introduce the video to Adventure 10. For over ten minutes you could've heard a mouse fart, the only sound was the laughter at Mr Buddy's unique brand of adventure research. After the video the delegates were given the chance to sign up to the pioneer edition early this year. 

Following on from this the proposed Adventure 11 was announced, research is due to commence imminently and a full report will be delivered later this year.

Last on the programme was the prize-giving. Three Legends of Adventure were crowned as well as film-makers, photographers and writers. Sara Klymkowski was also given a prize for topping the Cool Earth fundraising table with a massive £10,000 raised.

With all the formal stuff out of the way all that was left was the drinking and dancing. The Milk Stouts treated us to their unique blend of gypsy jazz, rockabilly and UK Garage, before Penny Metal gave us the chance to break out our best (and worst) dance moves to the most eclectic DJ crate in the country.

Photos: Sam Stewart