The Adventurists Annual Conference 2016 - The Prizes

The First Adventurists Annual Conference has happened. We're pretty sure anyway. Most of us woke up in our own beds. Whoever has Mr Peter, please post him back to the usual address. 

Before the mayhem set in, we had a few awards to dish out.  We spend all year sending people across the globe, and last night was the opportunity to celebrate what they brought back. No tourist tat and STDs for this lot: we're talking sexy content; video's, photographs and stories.

For one night a year we allow ourselves to get a bit like a travel company: get a bit self-congratulatory and have a competition. We had four categories,  Best Edited Video, Best Photography, The Adventurists Writing Award.  Catch up on the shortlist here.

As well as the Judged categories, you, dear public, voted for the best moment of Adventure and our chums at Cool Earth dished out a prize for Fundraising Prowess. Here are the winners.

Best Photography

Judged by Tom McShane, Fellow of the RGS and nominated for the Travel Photographer of the Year in 2013. A shortlist of entrants from the Ice Run, Icarus Trophy, Rickshaw Run and the Mongol Rally duked it out.

2015 Ralliers My Left Tyre came out victorious with this shot of their crap car:

This picture sums up everything about the Adventurists. It is a beaten up crappy car driving along through an epic landscape with the added danger of huge cliffs on one side to spice things up! It is also a technically proficient picture as it is a hard exposure to manage with the dark cliffs and bright light. It has an excellent composition because your eye looks at the car first and the then follows the road into the distance, wanting you to find out what is around the corner. Excellent shot, well done!
— Tom McShane

In second place and third place was Rust & Dust's shot of their August Rickshaw Run and Matt Prior's Ice Run:

Best Video

Ed Stobart, TV producer extraordinaire, chose this video from April Rickshaw Runners Tuk the Police:

Fantastic sense of fun, great engagement with local people, it put a real smile on my face watching it. A brilliantly camp and ridiculous track to chose, and then stick with to make the gag work, and share with the people they met on their way. It was also a very well crafted film - it may be short, but a lot of thought went into all the elements, and as a totality, it managed to tell the whole story of their trip within the framework of their simple device. The editing was sublime, and the overall concept pitched itself just right to reflecting the adventure - the Rickshaw Run isn’t a walk to the South Pole; it may be hard and dangerous at times, but essentially it is fun.
— Ed Stobart

Rounding out the shortlist was this magnificent set:

A really lovely bunch of people, and I loved the ambition to fully and honestly tell their whole story. In a sense they did sum up the spirit of adventure - it was a stretch for them to get the time to go away, and when they did, they flung themselves into the adventure open eyed and open hearted. The dash cam worked a treat; the level of film making wasn’t at times as accomplished as some of the others.
— Ed Stobart on The Road To Mongolia
I loved the ambition of this, and the fact they were attempting to tell the whole story - I thought the highs and lows were well reflected from their point of view. They did seem to travel in a bit of a bubble, didn’t quite get the point that the thing breaks down all the time. The sandstorm sequence was pure brilliance, and the soundscape was cut above. Amazingly delineated mood changes and some great creativity going on in there.
— Ed Stobart on Harvest India
I liked the fact they were attempting to give an honest account of their trip, which is the absolute bedrock of narrative film making. Lacked the gloss and invention of some of the others
— Ed Stobart on SNASA

Best Writing

Chosen by former Adventurists and travel writer Antonia Bollingbroke-Kent:

It’s the best written and it captures both the external and internal drama of the Derby. I could really feel the biting cold, and the ghastly heat. I liked the bit about the wolf too. Remind me never to do the Derby!

Also, you can feel the passion of the author, the fact they were really affected by their experience, and fell in love with the steppe, in all it’s mercurial glory.

A snippet of the winning piece for you:

I had already forced down 8 litres of warm, brackish water, and peed just once in the last 24 hours. I could practically hear my kidneys grinding. Crippling diarrhoea sucked water and salts into my guts. Sweat poured from me, legs cooking under two layers of tights, leather chaps and boots, my head hard-boiling like an egg under the helmet.
— Pat Sells, 2015 Mongol Derby Rider

Best Moment of Adventure

You voted this video the best 'Moment of Adventure.' Bravo Team Khanada. That car is not going slowly. 

Only four votes behind was this ice run video from Joseba, and taking third place was the Cross Border Smugglers with their quote:

Sadly My Left Tyre, Team Khanada and Tuk the Police weren't there to collect their awards or give a speech, so Mr Joolz volunteered to do so in their absence. Sorry guys.

Photo credits to Sam Stewart.

That rounds up our content awards. Cracking year all. We'll be seeing you next year.