The AAC Awards - The Public Vote

The first Adventurists Annual Conference is on Saturday. Aside from gin swilling and back slapping we'll be shouting about the best photos, videos and writing from our Adventures in 2015. As well as the judges' choice, there will be a public vote.

For your say in the next addition to the annals of Adventurist history, you can vote for the 'Best Moment of Adventure', words, video clips or photos that capture in a split second the Adventurists ethos. They don't have to be the most technically proficient images or finely crafted words but they do have to sum up the glory and chaos that defines ridiculous adventures.

The Video Clips

Simon Pearse (Mongol Derby) | Joseba Picaza (Ice Run) |  Team Khanada (Mongol Rally)

The Text Updates

Fuck anyone and anything that tries to get in your way. There’s always a way and there’s always gin.
— The Foreign Beggars - Mongol Rally
For the past 1500 miles our engine warning light has been on. We have covered the light in duct tape and it no longer annoys us. Problem solved.
— Car of the County Down - Mongol Rally
There were some difficulties with the border. It seems we have the words ‘Cross Border Smugglers’ plastered down the side of the car.
— The Cross Border Smugglers - Mongol Rally
We ran over a puppy and weren’t sure what to do so we just drove on. Nobody spoke for more than an hour.
— The Jimmy Rustlers - Rickshaw Run

"I told you Ulan Ude is not in China. Turn around...." The Brazil Nuts

The Photos

Marco Yolo | Mongolf | Team Khanada

Team Roffa | Horse and Radish | Yabba Grabba Chicken Curry

The Vote

The vote is now closed.