Meet the Sailors - Jan 17 Ngalawa Cup


Juri | Julianne | Dylan
Juri (Swiss) has co-skippered on several transatlantic deliveries and races on a Class 40 Yacht. Crewed on a Japan to Australia  on a Volvo Open 70. Dylan (Sri Lankan) sailed the Pacific for six weeks on a raft he built himself made from oil barrels. Juliane (Italian) has some experience as a crew member including around the Whitsunday Islands.


Paolo | Michele | Eduardo
An experienced Italian sailor, his son and his son's friend. Paolo has 50,000 miles of sailing under his boat, from all corners of the planet. Michele has sailed internationally for about 20,000 miles. Eduardo has spent a week on the Atlantic as well as countless hours sailing in and around the Mediterranean.

Gimme dat Booty

Formerly known as 'The Dirty Airrys'

Alex | Alex
Two Canadian sailors called Alex. One of them has done the Rickshaw Run. Between them they've been sailing and teaching sailing for about 25 years.

Pappa Chambo

Fomerly known as 'Mugwump'

Cole | Marlin | Matt
Cole has been sailing for 14 years, the last seven of which he's been instructing too. He also has four years of racing experience while at college. Marlin has some useful experience on small boats, around the San Francisco Bay area and the German coastline. Matt raced with (and against) Cole at University, since then he's been on long distance tall ship expeditions, the Florida Everglades Challenge and the Race to Alaska.

Breaking Wind

Clinton | Ryan
Clinton is a former professional kiteboarder. He's sailed on friends yachts and catamarans around South Pacific, Caribbean, South Africa. Ryan has some basic sailing experience. Though they signed up late and aren't the most experienced sailors their laid back attitude and Clinton's background make them a wildcard entry to the race.

Knotty Ngalawas

Marco | Ben
Marco and Ben are IYT certified crewsmen, they've sailed Lazers and yachts around the Caribbean Ben has also undertaken a 30 day voyage. They are both engineering students and veterans of the Rickshaw Run.

The Devils Own

Julian  | Kennon
Two British sailors, who have a mountain of combined experience, mostly sailing around the British Isles.

You can find out more or apply for the July race over on the Ngalawa Cup website, or you can get more updates on the Ngalawa Cup Dashboard