Ship Happens - Legends of Adventure

Being a legend isn't about getting it right all the time. Being a legend is about fucking it up so well it looks better than if you got it right.

A good example is the chaps from Ship Happens. They had a minor mishap on Day 5 when they lost their tiller arm while racing to reach land by nightfall.

Realising there's no story in a minor mishap Tim set about trying to turn it into a major mishap by jumping overboard to recover the missing appendage.

Noticing Tim wasn't wearing his life jacket Claudia quick-wittedly jumped in after him with a longline and his buoyancy aid. Not so quick-wittedly she lost hold of the rope when she hit the water.

Lewis was a touch alarmed to see his wife and friend slowly drifting off towards the horizon and unable to manoeuvre the boat on his own hit the 'SOS' button on the tracker.

Eben in the second support boat set off to assist the men overboard (is that sexist? Should we say people overboard?), while Lewis was left bobbing in the current, waiting to be reunited with his spouse.

Fortunately for Tim and Claudia Pirates Canadienses were not far behind, so of course stopped to pick up the soggy sailors.

While Tim and Claudia were re-boarding their ngalawa, events turned from tragedy to farce as simultaneously their rudder broke, sail ripped, and mast toppled. While Eben watched on they frantically set about rebuilding their boat so they could make the final push to land.

Ship Happens. Oh yes it does.

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