Ngalawa Cup Race Report - Day 6

Today was a calm day on the water with all the teams stuck in the doldrums until nearly 3pm. The lack of wind gave the sailors some time to make some essential repairs before a mad dash to make some progress in the last few hours of daylight.

At the pointy end of the fleet is Mother Luffers who, weather permitting, will finish tomorrow. They are camped up on Songo Songo Island. After suffering a lot with their first boat during training, they realized the potential weaknesses of their replacement boat and worked hard to prevent the issues which have beleaguered the others.

Their lead is all the more impressive considering they've only been regularly sailing over the past three months, building on basic courses they'd picked up in the past.

About 6 nautical miles behind them is Between the Sheets who are on a 400m long island after spending much of the day drifting on the ocean miles from anything. Currently it looks like they're about an hour and a half behind the Americans.

Behind the leaders are Ship Happens, Bambu Heroes and Pirates Canadienses. They are overnighting by river-mouths on the mainland about 12 hours from the finish. In good conditions they could finish tomorrow if they start early, but Saturday looks more likely.

The chaps at the back, Zanzibarmy Army, Toad Hall, Lost Boys and Club Rufaro are at least a day behind the lead. Tonight they're on Bwejuu Island where the vanguard were this time yesterday. Judging by their current pace, they need some skillful sailing and good luck to make sure they don't miss their own finish line party.


Motherluffers - Songo Songo Island
Between the Sheets - Simaya Island
Ship Happens*, Bambu Heroes, Pirates Canadienses - Ngedu/ Ndahi river-mouths
Zanzibarmy Army*, Club Rufaro*, Toad Hall*, Lost Boys - Bwejuu Island

*Time penalty due

Where the fuck is the wind?
— Mother Luffers
Is everyone else just drifting?
— Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets 'home' for the next 12 hours. 

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