Rickshaw Run Rolling News - Week 2

We finished Week 1 with our first ever official pit stop party in Goa. It was a resounding success.

At the dawn of Day 6 most of our runners have completed about a third of the journey in about half the time available. Only two thirds to go then before reaching the finish line in Jaisalmer. And they're trying to do it by the 13th. 

Here we are with the best of the news from the road. The best that is for us, the spectators. 

Rosa Earp 12.01.2016

Rosa Earp 12.01.2016

At the finish line:

The funnel has arrived....
— Mr Matt

Sounds like the party might be starting a little before tomorrow night. Those 99 other teams should probably get a shimmy on. 

Rosa Earp 11.01.2016

All new and improved apparently

No such thing as too ambitous in The Ainsley Chariot. (V2 after yesterday’s catastophe.)
— Ben, Heff's Perfect Gentlemen

Nothing like a fresh start eh? We won't ask what happened yesterday.

Rosa Earp 11.01.2016

Well this looks a bit alright

We are just chilling in a palace we randomly came across on some back roads. Fuck knows where.
— Chickshaw

But, just curious, does they know you are there? Your pal looks a bit shifty. 


Rosa Earp 11.01.2016

Netflix and Chill can Fuck Off now

When we were at the wall of death, we met a very nice Indian family, and they asked Wendy to move her ankle bracelet from the right ankle to her left. As a result Wendy is no longer a whore.
— KPGScubaDivers

Ladies, assemble, gentlemen take heed: this is our new code. Wish I'd known this years ago, would have saved some time on small talk. 

Rosa Earp 11.01.2016

Hold my beer

Give me 6 beers and I’ll ride that cow home.

Oh really? How did that go?

Yeah thought so. Runner - 0. Cow - 1

Rosa Earp 11.01.2016

Trouble on the highway? This sounds familiar:

We had just been saying how well Ginny was doing when she coughed and died on the highway. We managed to limp her to the edge before she gave up the ghost. We managed to deduce she was out of juice.
We felt like terrible parents. We gave her more to drink, dicing with the traffic and we were back on track.
— For Quinine and Country

Keep your rickshaw alive then we'll talk about a puppy. 

Rosa Earp 11.01.2016

A bit of a rough time:

We will need another holiday after this is over.
— Let's Get Ready to Rickshaw

That doesn't surprise us. This is their team bio:

Three girls, we are English, Irish and Welsh which feels like it’s part of a bad joke.

We don’t know anything about fixing our own cars, never mind a rickshaw.

Ellie has been told that she should sell her erratic driving experience on GroupOn.

As long as I don’t end up with a broken arm it’s all good.
— Let's Get Ready to Rickshaw

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. 

Rosa Earp 11.01.2016


Kinky Farnham have arrived at the finish line. Their prize? Four days waiting for the rest of them. Bravo chaps. 

Rosa Earp 09.01.2015

Whatever floats your boat

Stopped up at a hotel a bit early. Off sight-seeing in Champaner for mosques, ruins and stuff.
— Goa Kart

Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Rosa Earp 10.01.2016

Cheerful bunch this year aren't they:

Daniel has now fully embraced the Indian way of driving and now aims to put us in at least one truly life threatening scenario each day. We can only assume combined pressures of a new wife, mortgage and his current company are giving him a fatalist outlook.
— For Quinine and Country
We’ve still given up on getting the brakes fixed. Basically, we figure that in their current state they can’t get any worse and going to see a mechanics again only gives a false sense of security.
— No Plan Clan

You could always break with your feet like Tarj Ma Dahl. If you don't value your soles. 

Rosa Earp 09.01.2016

Just like Hansel and Gretel did it

Look for our dust. And black smoke. And jettisoned non-essential parts. Like the engine
— Steve, Kwikemart

Rosa Earp 09.01.2016

A brave man:

Came in for a head massage.
Came out with a shave and half my hair butchered off.
— Kien - Where and Wander

Going with the flow eh? Probably wise. The man's got a straight cut razor.

Rosa Earp 08.01.2016


We took a wrong turn
— Tim, Tarj Ma Dahl

You might be lost, but did you realise your rick is having a lie down behind you? 

Thing runs like a trooper. Started first time.
— Tim, Tarj Ma Dahl

Well that's good then. Looks like you chaps didn't fare quite so well though:

Tim’s having fun cleaning up my other foot and knees and ass and head.
— Tarj Ma Dahl

Well tasty. 

Rosa Earp 09.01.2016

Don’t leave your rick next to a chicken coup.

Sounds like a proverb? It's not. 

Rosa Earp 08.01.2016


We asked for a room from a hotel since it was getting dark. This guy told us his hotel is not finished, but we can sleep there for free. So we got mattresses in this shithole and are drinking beer with the owner.
— Team Cheshire Cat

But wait, there's a follow up:

He showed us a picture of a cobra with three heads. Told us he took it himself. I googled if such a thing can exist. The first link is the exact same picture and shows it’s photoshopped.
— Team Cheshire Cat

Sounds like you're making friends. So's Johnathan here:

I stopped to get a gear oil at a mechanic. They had some and filled it up. When I asked how much they said nothing, just wated a picture. I then got a few ass grabs and some dick touches. I just sold my body for 500ml of gearbox oil.
— Jonathan - Life Over the Edge


Rosa Earp 08.01.2016

Are you a twit? You should be. Get news like delivered to your screens:

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

Good Luck

We have some angry non-English speaking policemen on our hands.
— Steve

Has anyone heard from Steve actually? Nevermind. He's probably fine. 

Rosa Earp 07.01.2015

Some teams are having er... technical difficulties

Our crappy little rickshaw has been fartier than usual.
— Not Fast Not Furious
Clutch barely still there - makes going over big hills interesting.
— Going Naan Stop

A nice drive on the beach? 

Apparently a loose bolt was the culprit for Not Fast Not Furious.

We wanted to leave two days ago but a mechanic had to do a full rebuild. All we could do is spend days drinking 75c beers in a tropical paradise. Life is tough.
— Nick - Mad Dogs

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

Full of sage words

We decided four of the heavier Canuktuks should squeeze into the working Tuk. Just like traveling economy on Air Canada
— Canuktuks

If it's anything like the cheap seats on Ryanair, you have our sympathy. 

The Canuktuks seem like they are having a wonderful time actually:

Just because trip advisor says there is a hotel, there may not be one.
— Canuktuks

This time, no sympathy. Relying on Trip Advisor to navigate, you deserve what you get. 

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

At least you said oops

Someone may have also “nudged” (hit) a stall on a very narrow street and ran over three pairs of elephant-print pants. Oops.
— Going Naan Stop

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

Some cracking pictures coming in from the front line:

Rosa Earp 07.01.2015

Well, with a name like that:

Josh, trying really hard to break one of the Karts, hit a speed bump at 50kph. Survived.
— Goa Kart

Sure. But did the kart?

Rosa Earp 07.01.2015

Selling it

I got my first taste of night driving. Its pretty much the same as day driving but now you’re totally blind.
— Canuktuks

Have we mentioned yet today there's space on the April Edition?

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

LSD on tour

A classic Indian sentiment; slightly nonsensical phrasing. 

For a runner on a deadline, it's not especially reassuring.

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

'Gramming it

A photo posted by Kien Lam (@hellokien) on

It's a decent picture which almost justifies the enthusiastic 26 tags originally comes with.  #fortagssake.

Not sure us Adventurists are cut out for the #tag #happy world of Instagram.
Fuck it. We're joining in anyway. 

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016


Mandrem is gurt lush. Has the novelty of overweight Russians and an incredible amount of beach yoga camel toe on show.
— The Honey Badgers

Thanks for not including a picture. 

Rosa Earp 07.01.2015


Just got to Vagator. Rolled the tuk near the hotel. At least there’s now a matching hole on both sides.
— Tukkin' Hell

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

Mechanical Dogsbody

Just dipped in to check out the mechanics progress. Looks like his best guy is working on it.
— Nick - Mad Dogs

Rosa Earp 07.01.2016

Just You Wait

She continues to be an absolute gem of a rickshaw.
— For Quinine and Country

Now all you veterans can fight over which rick it is:

If anyone has the rickshaw that looks like it’s rolled over and has blood on the roof, she’s a beaut, you’re lucky to have her.
— Phil - RIckshaw Run January 2015 Veteran
Anyone have KL07 BQ 8754?
— Guy - Rickshaw Run August 2015 Veteran
Is our ol’ girl still alive?
KL07 BG 9921
— Dominic - Rickshaw Run August 2013 Veteran
I hope Jezzabelle is still in the tuk line up. She was a belter, didn’t break down once.
— Jamie - Rickshaw Run January 2014 Veteran

What a cracking bunch. 

Rosa Earp 06.01.2016

Speaking Of Things Veterans Will Recognise

We had the old Indian Standoff this morning.
— Jonathan - Life Over the Edge

You'll be missing them in a week. 

Rosa Earp 06.01.2015

No Idea How They Found Her Again

Did someone try to hide Esmerelda from us?
— Ellie - Let's get ready to Rickshaw

We certainly hope not. Because they should have done better job than that.

We like the Rickshaw Run to be inclusive but we don't just let any old idiot in. 

Rosa Earp 06.01.2015

Remember this guy?

"He is struggling' says teammate Luke. 

It's the morning after, and like the designated driver, we're here to refresh your memory. He did not like the Feni. 

Don't turn to Mr Matt for sympathy. 

Good. He deserves it. Famous last words from him last night ‘don’t worry about me, I’m a big drinker.’ Runner - 0 Feni - 1
— Mr Matt

Rosa Earp 06.01.2016

Good Luck Bollywood Bogans

We are chancing a passport left at the Found Things cabin on the beach.
— Rachel - Bollywood Bogans

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. 

Rosa Earp 06.01.2016

Road Traffic Accident

What better way to launch a new rolling news than to highlight the best of the news we missed first time around. Here's For Quinine and Country's top update from the first week:

Arrived at Malpe with 7 other teams. Smashed our mileage for today.

Captain Clutch ran over a rat and stalled.
— For Quinine and Country

And here's the victim:

Poor thing. We reckon you're alright boys. Looks like rigor mortis has already set in. Just wrong place wrong time for you eh?
Probably better scarper though before the rat homicide squad turn up. Just to be safe.  

With a name like 'For Quinine and Country' you must be upstanding, gentlemanly types. Here's hoping you gave it a state funeral. 

Catch up on the action from the first week here and launch parties here

You can follow the Run here on the blog, the tracking map, the Adventurists TwitterInstagram andFacebook, or you can head straight to the Live Dashboard to get those links again with pictures. 

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