Rickshaw Run Goan Pitstop

Our first ever official pitstop party was a huge rollicking success. And we've got the report from Mr Matt to prove it: 

With three birthdays and an engagement to celebrate, spirits were (literally) high.
The ‘Welcome Feni Shots’ -a local Goan spirit made from cashew apples - proved massively popular. Popular in that we made everyone have one.

It’s an acquired taste, and smells like a bag of old socks that has been left out in the sun. The women take the Feni like troopers. No wonder they’re the ones that have the babies.
— Mr Matt

No doubt some heads will be a little sore today. Case in point, this guy:

Here they are - the many faces of Feni: 

Meanwhile this chap debuted his Rickshaw Tattoo: 

His teammate's smile seems somewhat fixed.

These guys just got engaged:

Ah yes. A good dose of old-sock-smell and scooping your partner up off the floor afterwards. As good an preparation for married life as we can think of. 

The teams now have until the 13th to make it to the victory parade up in Jaisalmer.

Follow their progress and see how they handled the hangover in Week 2. 

Catch up on the action from the first week here and launch parties here

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If you prefer to participate than spectate (or if you like both) there are spaces on the April Run. You can sign up by hitting the big red button.