Ngalawa Cup Race Report - Day 5

Club Rufaro, Toad Hall and Zanzibarmy Army needed to get up early this morning to chase the tide with their Ngalawas.

There was a brief moment for concern in the afternoon when Ship Happens hit the 'SOS' signal, but it turns out to be a voluntary overboard in a (successful) attempt to rescue a lost tiller.

Kudos goes to gentlemen of the ocean Pirates Canadienses who helped recover the downed sailors (and presumably the tiller).

Less impressive is Ron from Club Rufaro, after a German local took it on himself to help fix their broken spar, commenting that Ron 'Uses an axe like a girl'. 

Eric also of Club Rufaro manged to lose his tiller arm today after falling asleep on the job. As Lost Boy, Charlie remarked, 'Sleep is a big part of sailing'.


Bwejuu Island
Bambu Heroes
Pirates Canadienses
Between the Sheets
Ship Happens*
Zanzibarmy Army*

Koma Island
The Lost Boys
Club Rufaro*

Kwale Island
Toad Hall*

*Penalty to be deducted

Capsize Tally

Team Capsizes
Pirates Canadienses 1
Ship Happens 2
Zanzibarmy Army 1
Toad Hall 4
If anything’s going to make me believe in God, it’s this.
— Dave - Toad Hall
We’re running under the radar. We’ve had one incident. We are having the time of our lives.
We’ve only lost one boat.
— Pirates Canadienses
The boats are a lot more physical than the boats I’ve sailed, but they sail very well. I’m impressed with them - they are very fast for the size - we were hitting 10 knots.
— Pirates Canadienses
Sometimes in the middle of the sea you feel terrified. The minute you get to land and see everyone you just peak...however tired you feel, the minute you land, everyone is so helpful. You just lift immediately.
— Claudia - Ship Happens

Come back tomorrow for the news from the Indian Ocean. Until then, you can catch up on the sailing from Day 4, Day 3Day 2Day 1 and the test sail

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