Ngalawa Cup Race Report Day 4

Zanzibarmy Army and Club Rufaro are back at the checkpoint. ZA broke a spar, tried to repair at sea but didn’t succeed. CR lashings came apart because the bar beneath pulled out.

Both are in fairly high spirits and planning repairs.
— Dylan - Race Chief

Accumulated fatigue or perhaps an abundance of cold beer last night meant that all our sailors were slow to get on the water this morning. Despite the warnings from Race Chief Dylan, our nine teams had to battle the rising tide and high waves as they attempted to navigate out of the tricky bay of the official checkpoint. 

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The three chaps of the Zanzibarmy Army especially struggled to shake off their ropey day yesterday. After taking a bad line, on the second attempt they broke their spar and had to return to the shore for repairs. A more successful afternoon's sailing meant by nightfall they had caught up with the pack on North Fanjove Island.  

They were more lucky than Eric, Ronald and Marlon of Club Rufaro. Also forced to return to the checkpoint to make repairs, they are still working on the outriggers at the end of the racing day. 

They spend a second night at the official checkpoint Bandari ya Amani Beach Lodge. They do at least have the company of a cold beer and fellow broken-boat team Toad Hall.

A strategic teammember swap meant Gery from the Lost Boys joined Dave and Charlie from Toad Hall. Devised as a one-day affair, neither team was counting on getting separated at nightfall:

We’ve been having some problems. We’re not very confident so Gery went on with my two boys to help them out and I joined the Lost Boys.

We thought they were following us a few boats back but actually it wasn’t them. They got left behind.
— Susannah - formerly of Toad Hall

Lost boy Gery has lost the rest of his team. Here he is working on Toad Hall's boat after sunset. 

Don't worry Susie, you'll see them at the finish line. Probably. For tonight, that's Toad Boys at the beach lodge and Lost Hall camping on North Fanjove Island.

An experienced boatman, Gery has been working with boats for over a decade and has 11 Atlantic crossings under his belt. With credentials like that, we're pretty confident he'll be able to get Toad Hall's ngalawa back up and ocean ready.

Equally confident is Lost Boy Charlie: "We'll take a little cruise down the coast tomorrow and try and find him. Sounds like he's working hard. It's supposed to be his holiday, but he enjoys this kind of work. We should probably be paying him."  

The most useful friends are the ones who like working for free, eh?

Meanwhile, our hybrid team Lost Hall are enjoying lobster and grilled octopus on North Fanjove Island with Zanzibarmy Army, Bambu Heroes, Ship Happens and Piratas Canadienses.  

We haven’t capsized once yet - we are very lucky. Although we did come in today in the wrong direction and had to paddle for two hours.
— Alvaro - Bambu Heroes
I have t-shirts older than some of the other people here. What’s that saying? Old age and tenacity overcome youth and speed! Just kidding - we’ve already won. We crossed the startline so we’ve already won.
— Mark - Piratas Canadienses
Yesterday was tough. Lewis was stitching the sail but he was seasick so he was just vomiting green stuff as he was stitching.

Today was a good day. Today was plain sailing.
— Claudia - Ship Happens

Between the Sheets (Hanky Planky) and the Mother Luffers are camping on another island further south, also only 500m across.  

Tomorrow it will be a 3am start as all the teams will have to catch the tide to move the boats. The racing day will start with the sunrise at 06.13. 

Photos from Day 1 - courtesy of Shari Thompson at 

We'll be back tomorrow with all the news from the Indian Ocean. Until then, you can catch up on the sailing from Day 3, Day 2, Day 1 and the test sail


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