Ngalawa Cup Race Report - Day 3

Step 1 - Inflate. 

It's Day 3 of the Ngalawa Cup. Our nine teams have converged on the official checkpoint and all chose to remain rather than sail on. The racing day was finished by 4pm local time. 

Even with a slightly shorter day, it managed to be eventful.

Ship Happens capsized twice. The first incident in the race for Timothy, Claudia and Lewis from UAE, they managed to inflate the Adventurists custom-made buoyancy aids. Bringing the boat up to the waterline, they were able to right themselves and sail on penalty-free.

It’s a really tough adventure all round. But although it’s a race, they are keeping an eye on each other.
When they happen to be near, they’ll help.
— Adventurist Peter. Logistics Man.

Step 2 - Overturn. 

This evening they will be able to compare bruises with UK team Toad Hall. For the third day in a row, Dave, Susannah and Charles capsized. Their attempts to right themselves floundered and Toad Hall were towed the final distance to the checkpoint.

Step 3 - Sail on. Sounds so simple. 

Meanwhile, fellow UK team The Zanzibarmy Army got a scare and triggered the SOS. Mongol Rally vet Rory and teammates Alex and Thomas temporarily misplaced the nerves of steel that had got them to day 3.

They must have felt especially foolish when they realised the water was only 1/2m. The evening brought a reminder from Race Chief Dylan on emergency alarm protocol; drowning, pirates or sharks only. 

The waves that alarmed them also unnerved veteran sailors Between the Sheets (Hanky Planky), who were the only team not attempt the bay by Res Nedge but to continue along the coast. They left their boat anchored due south of the checkpoint and travelled over land to share the BBQ. They face an early start tomorrow to travel back and catch the tide.

Tomorrow, the course opens again at 06.13 and the early risers will set themselves up for success. With high tide expected mid-morning, those who manage to reach open water early should get a head start on the rest.


The afternoon was spent planning, repairing sails, looking at boats and burnt skin and wounds, wondering how they didn’t drown, how they will do tomorrow. Then suddenly they will go into OCD mode, putting things into pockets, and taking things out of pockets and into different pockets. And then they all collapse. That’s about it.
— Adventurist Peter

Meanwhile, our logistics man Peter, is working on a bespoke sea shanty. We're told it's two verses in and coming along nicely. We wait with baited breath for a performance at Saturday's finish line party. 

Here's the shape of the field at the end of the day. If you are a keen dotwatcher, you can monitor the race live at the link below. 


If you prefer a written report, you can hear about Day 2 here,  revisit Day 1 here, or catch up on the action from the test sailing here. Otherwise come back tomorrow for the Day 4 updates. 

Photos credit - Shari Thompson at 

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