Ngalawa Cup Race Report - Day 2

Day 2 and the field have split, probably more than any of the teams would've predicted.  Between the Sheets, Ship Happens and Lost Boys all left by 8am. Bambu Heroes not long after at  0849. These 4 teams made good use of the benign early weather to trace the coast down Tanzania.

 The boats washed up on Zanzibar Beach took a pounding

The boats washed up on Zanzibar Beach took a pounding

The five other teams from necessity, tactical reasons, or hangovers didn't leave until close to mid-day or after. By this time the northerly wind had a significant westerly attitude and the teams struggled not to be swept back ashore.

Zanzibarmy Army and Toad Hall both got beached, Toad Hall managing to capsize too - for the second time in two days - this time picking up some bruised ribs in the bargain. Battered by the waves, both boats began to break up, needing local help to escape the elements. With the wind steadfastly pushing inshore it was not until around 1530 until they could head out again.

I wouldn’t say we were competnet, but we’re getting there
— Ship Happens

Club Rufaro and Pirates Canadienses also The furthers south is fell victim to the early afternoon conditions, both suffering from rudder issues. Like Toad Hall, Club Rufaro succumbed to their fate for a second time.

The result of these late rising birds getting attacked by predatorial conditions is a definite advantage going into day three.

  • Furthest south is Hanky Planky
  • Less than 3 Km behind is Lost Boys, Bambu Heroes, Ship Happens and the Mother Luffers
  • Next up is Club Rufaro, recovering well to reach Uzi Island
  • Toad Hall (just add water) and Zanzibarmy Army are further from Zanzibar on the lovely Kwale Island
  • Pirates Canadienses are virtually level but shored up on Zanzibar

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