Rickshaw Run Rolling News - Week 1

100 brightly painted rickshaws are slowly weaving and creaking their way from Cochin to Jaisalmer. No road trip along India's west coast would be complete though, without a stopover in Goa, so what better place for a checkpoint party. Things are going to get messy. That is, if they get there.

We're moving.

The party's done it. We're retiring the Week 1 Rolling News and calling Week 2 started. On your way, get all the outtakes from the party here

Mr Joolz 06/01/16

The Morning After (again)

Heads were mostly sore this morning as the damage from the Goan party - and more specifically the Feni - takes its toll. Often things that seem a good idea at the time turn round and bite you in the arse. No one ever got pleasantly surprised by something that sounded like a bad idea from the off.

Feni Faces

For more Goan pitstop glory check out the party report here.

Rosa Earp 05.01.2016

The day of the pitstop beach party is here. Mr Matt has 'prepared' something special:

Twenty special somethings: Cashew Feni. 

On an unrelated subject:

Pit stop is going well. We just had our first vomit.
— Mr Matt

Rosa Earp 05.01.2016

2013 Mongol Rally vet Chris Clarke has gone and proposed on the Rickshaw Run. We imagine she said yes otherwise this is a very misleading photo of a hand: 


Meanwhile some of the other teams are not having such a good day:

Fuck all you guys and your fucking beach pics. Today we rolled our rickshaw then broke down roughly 2000 times in the dark on the highway, where our rickshaw remains hidden in a bush.
— Ben - Mad Manx

Rosa Earp 05.01.2016

Holy balls traffic here is crazy! One way streets are pretty much two way streets.
— Once Upon a Tuk Tuk

Couldn't have put it better.

Rosa Earp 05.01.2016

Keep Calm and Curry On are getting some cracking shots of their run as the convoy approaches Goa: 

Rosa Earp 05.01.2016

Our axle is making rumble noise, but mostly in the morning. Any idea what’s wrong?
— Team Cheshire Cat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even for autos. 

Rosa Earp 04.01.2016

And as we round up day 4 of the Rickshaw Run, it looks like all is going well on the western coast.

"Found our resting spot for the night."

Here's hoping this was always a team of 2. 

Rosa Earp 4.01.2016

We’re staying the night at a plush hotel on the beach.
Of course by plush they mean walls and a roof.
— Darren - Goa Kart

That's the idea. Keep your expectations low, you'll never be disappointed. 

Rosa Earp 04.01.2016

A number of people are experiencing technical difficulties. 

They better call this the Mechanic Run
— JP

Er... no. Sorry JP. Every run is the mechanic run. Didn't we mention? 

If you are so inclined, you can follow the live updates on our tracking page:

Rosa Earp 04.01.2016

Another morning, another update from our Dom. 

We sealed the carburettor with some hardware store superglue and it seems to have stopped leaking. Actual mechanical solutions can go fuck themselves when you have PVA and sellotape.
— Adventurist Dom

Sounding chipper, Dom. 

Mr Joolz 17:00 03/01/16

In case there was any doubt about when you should quit heed some advice from Mr Matt and Mr Rich.  You might remember team Shake and Bake who came a cropper on Day 1 when they hit a bus about 50 km outside of Cochin. They made the decision their rickshaw had gone to the great scrapyard in the sky and bought a new one.

They might have been a bit hasty. This is what one hour and 800 Rupees (about £8.10) can do for you.

If you think it’s broken down, it definitely isn’t.
If you know it’s broken down, it probably isn’t.
If you’re 100% sure it’s broken down, it’s probably time for a chai.
— Mr Matt - Adventurists HQ

There hasn't been a resurrection like this since that Jewish bloke 2,000 years ago

Mr Joolz 16:25 03/01/16

Too Posh to Push - Flying Dutchies catch a lift

Cards, beer, beach, battered ‘shaw and hand blisters - genuinely loving life
— Bharat to the Future

Mr Joolz 12:30 03/01/16

Beach or Mountains?

As the teams work their way north towards Jaisalmer they have a navigational choice. Stick with the ocean breeze of the coast route or head inland for the Western Ghats. 

While the views of the ocean road are great, and the beer is more likely to be cold, the more challenging route is inland. The roads are worse, the population more sparse.

The Beaches

The Mountains

Mr Joolz 09:30 03/01/16

'We just made morning mass' Team Slug - great way to spend a Sunday morning

Mr Joolz 16:10 02/01/16

These rickshaws are tougher than they look.

300 km day, 10 hours of driving, screeching tyres, locking brakes and we still couldn’t brake the fucking thing
— League of Rickshawrian Gentlemen
Ours is held together with zip ties and copper wire and sounding like rocks, but it’s working
— Life Over The Edge

Mr Joolz 12:10 02/01/16

Our newest conscript Mr Dom is a touch wet around the ears, so we sent him on the first half of the Rickshaw Run. If he makes it back wiser he can keep the job. At least half the office hope he doesn't come back at all.

Betsie and Clara the Dutch cows are going strong but Becks the bull has had some issues with his carburettor. Jeroen has had his head in the engine under the burning midday sun but we are about to get back on the road. I have provided helpful assistance by smoking and performing an interpretive dance to the locals on what I believe to be the problem.

Actually, forget that. Our piston has broken. We’re nowhere near anywhere and the lovely man who stopped to take a look told us that we were pretty fucked.
— Mr Dom - Adventurists HQ

Mr Joolz 11:35 02/01/16

We found out there’s always time for chai and the locals love it when you head wobble
— The League of Rickshawrian Gentlemen

Mr Joolz 11:30 02/01/16

Taken to the police station, don’t drive rickshaws into sacred places. The officer was nice enough to sign the rickshaw
— We Need a Cool Name

Mr Joolz 11:20 02/01/16

Good bit of bush mechanics by team 'Keep Calm and Curry On'. Using the Rickshaw run T-shirt sleeve as a fuel cap.

Mr Joolz 11:15 02/01/16

After playing chicken with a bus and losing Team Shake and Bake are ready to get back on the road. You can't keep a good team down, eh?

We are getting a new ride today and will be on the road today after a temple visit and a swim in the pool
— Eduardo - Team Shake and Bake

Mr Joolz 10:30 02/01/16

The golden hour in India is when the sun first rises. The air is cool, pollution and dust are at the lowest and the traffic is at its best. Perfect conditions for rattling along in your two stroke rocket then.

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