Ngalawa Cup Race Report - Day 1

Following an aborted race day yesterday, the crews were keen to hit the water today. The  official race start was at 0730. With the challenging Pemba-Zanzibar strait now an unscheduled test sail, the next leg would follow the shore of Zanzibar.


The first across the start line were Ship Happens with the rest of the pack in pursuit. The only team not to start promptly were Club Rufaro, who got a replacement boat the day before and needed to re-lash the out-riggers and work on the rudder.

During the morning Zanzibarmy Army and Toad Hall both capsized within a short time of eachother. The safety boat arrived quickly but wasn't needed as both teams managed to right their boats, bail the water and get their sails back up.


That wasn't the only drama for Toad Hall today, who also narrowly avoided an altercation with a ferry.

All the teams reached Stone Town by nightfall with the first to land being Mother Luffers. Club Rufaro, Zanzibarmy Army and Toad Hall managed to wipe clean their deficit and will start tomorrow with the other seven teams.

All in all a good day's sailing. Senior sailors Pirates Canadienses did well to remind the younger teams that the relentless enthusiasm of youth is easily matched by the experienced wisdom of maturity. South Africans The Lost Boys showed their class by choosing to help the other boats rather than racing ahead.

Things are poised nicely for day 2 with teams likely to either follow the Zanzibar coastline down to the southern tip, or to make the crossing to the mainland.

The race recommences at sunrise which will be 0612.

Catch up on the action from the test sailing here

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