Rickshaw Run Finish line

As the teams roll into the finish line at Jaisalmer, we're going to feast on the best of the news so far.  

You might want to loosen your belt.

Rosa Earp 18.01.2016

Freshest from the Finish Line

Our triannual finish line report from Mr Matt is in. As ever, it's a good'un:

Some arrived in better shape than others, the 'Caped Boozeaiders' for example smashed their Batman designed rickshaw into a lorry a mere 8kms out of town, their rickshaw was held by the police briefly, but after a few selfies with the policeman they let them go with a wobble.
Many came on trucks, some from further away than others. One team ran out of fuel literally 100m from the finish line so had to push the last bit.
Some scrapes, some bruises, a bit of Delhi belly, the odd stitch here and there; finishing a huge success.
Victory Parade around town was great fun, and around 30 teams crossed the finish line in the morning to make it. All in all around 50 vehicles showed off their awesomeness around Jaisalmer.
I felt sorry for the one singular policeman who was stationed with the sole aim of getting teams to climb down from their roofs - only for them to go past him and climb straight back up.
After the Parade the teams went a bit wild in the sand, drifting round in circles creating their very own sandstorm.
It was like something from Mad Max - just without the leather and slightly less manly.
Cricket was next and despite us having some surprisingly good players we obviously lost, but everyone had loads of fun. 'The Honey Badgers' again showed great spirit by gifting the winning team a set of cricketing whites and a cricket set.
After a few more teams poured in....party.
Parties in Palaces are always nice, and this one didn't disappoint. There was live music from gypsy-punk band 'The Garden Party', a huge Rajasthani feast, traditional performances, huge bonfires, even bigger fireworks and a shitload of terrible dancing.
The Maharajah of Jaisalmer joined in the party too and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.
We then did a huge Bollywood dance routine together, some with definitely more style than others.
As teams slowly descended into drunkeness and debauchery the DJ put on some loud Bollywood music and people danced, writhed and wriggled their way into oblivion. With teams writing on each other, falling over, swapping exaggerated tales from the road and excitedly hugging the night under the stars on the palace lawn went on for a long, long time.

With the Run over, this will be our final update on this page. Keep an eye on the blog for follow-up news. 

For Rickshaw Run Rolling News fanatics, we'll be seeing you in April for the Run we like to call The Spicy One. 

Fresher from the finish line:

You can see the full gallery on the Rickshaw Run Facebook page

Rosa Earp 14.01.2016

The traditional cricket match and a few spontaneous group photos:

Unsurprisingly, the locals won the cricket match. Team Honey Badgers gifted a cricket set and cricket whites and cap from the Hong Kong cricket team.
— Mila, Rickshaw Run Crew

Rosa Earp 14.01.2016

Soft cuddly memories:

Rickshaw breaking down on train tracks, barrier arm closing and sirens sounding. Change of underwear required.
— Corner Dairies
Chai with the police and then an escort out of town.
— Not Fast Not Furious
We towed the Royal Beaver Adventure 80kms and across the finish line.
— Team Innuik
Kiran getting the clap.
— Chaiwallahs
Ben’s Goa Tattoo
— Kwik-e-kart
Everyone, everytime, everything.
— Once upon a Tuk Tuk
Was this close to being dog food for a dozen dogs chasing us up a fuck-off hill.
— School Runnings
Ran off the road by a lorry only to be handed a papaya.
— Ewe only live once
— Flying Dutchies

Rosa Earp 13.01.2016

Fresh from The Finish Line

Documents? You didn’t give us any documents! Oh the green pack. Shit.
That would have helped us when we got detained by the police just out of Mumbai for two hours, right?
— Shaw Boyz
This is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done.
— ScottieHotties
It was an amazing time. We are pretty fucked though. We decided to do the Run whilst we were drunk in a pub. Stupid idea.
— Teams Kiwi 1 and 2
I know I said this last time but I’m never doing that again.
— Rickshaw Run Veteran Nick from Mad Dogs

See you next year Nick. 

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