Mongol Rally Rolling News Week 8 Onwards

Can you believe it? We've passed Week 8 and are nestling into the 'onwards.' 

The updates are getting a little thin on the ground as the teams finish and then wallow in relief and beer soaked glory.

We on the Rolling News are not worried. As everyone knows, slower is better and it's always the teams who come in last who have the best stories. 

This is where we will publish the proof. It's the final round up of the news coming in from the road. 

Rosa Earp

We're calling it. The 2015 Rally Rolling News is over. 

There are still a few intrepid teams on the road. The Iron Badgers are chilling out with their bikes in Turkey:

We are still in Turkey…. Cards on the table, we drank a lot, met a lot of good people and we haven’t done any of the tourist stuff.
— Iron Badgers

Team Wrong Direction is giving up on updates altogether:

Hey, can’t be bothered with updates lately, so I’m where the blue dot be at. Been too drunk and busy being in places you’ve never heard of and will never go to. Have fun at work, guys!
— Team Wrong Direction

This is Georgia apparently. Not jealous at all. 

My Left Tyre have done the rally name proud by driving all the way to Tokyo:

All thoroughly commendable. Almost brings a tear to the eye.

2015 was a corker of a year. But self-indulgent sentiment is shit so we're doing this.

15.00 16.09.2015 Rosa Earp

‘Butchess’ was an absolutely amazing comrade, giving us no problems at all, until she picked a bit of a fight with a lorry on a rainy afternoon in Russia and lost.
— The Sundance Kids

That sounds pretty minor. Until you see this:

Yeah. You could not have underplayed that one more. Nice driving. 

20.02 15.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Well what have we got here? Another tattoo?  We'll own, we were a little skeptical that these weren't just ball point pen but the team swears they're the real deal. 


13.30 15.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Yup. The kids are back at school. The traffic is shit. We were all well pissed off about it. But then Team Khanada reminded us we aren't dealing with this on the commute:

12.49 16.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Nomad have piped up with their highlights in photo form.  Well worth a look:

04.29 15.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Some of the teams choose to drive back through Russia but those thousands of miles already on the speedometer means they are breaking down on the regular:

So the car has broken down. Again. This time it’s the front crossmember. It’s not looking good as so much of the metal around it has rusted away. We can’t drive on it and we’re burning through tyres. Our Russian visas expire on the 22nd.

This is gonna be a tough situation to get out of, but I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.

Don’t put the kettle on just yet, we might be a while!
— Team YORKIdding

Down but not out. That's what we like to see. 

10.33 15.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Got four minutes? You won't regret spending it with Hop Skip & A Jump as they finish the rally. 

11.00 14.09.2015 Rosa Earp

We love a 'before and after.' Or in this case, a 'before' and a 'that is some facial hair they have now.' Congratulations to Team SNASA. 

13.40 09.09.2015 Rosa Earp

And another foolhardy team in another improbable car are over the finish line. This time, it's Two Stroke Rocket in their Trabant. Good stuff:

12.50 09.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Mongolia strikes again:

The rear bumper has fallen off.
The rear view mirror fell off after a huge pot hole.
We broke the rear suspension.
The Car no longer idles.
The Car sounds like a harley.
The radio works sporadically.
The sump guard is falling off.
The roof rack clamps snapped.
The handbrake doesn’t work.
The doors don’t close properly after we were hit twice.
The fender mirrors fell off.
There’s black smoke coming out the exhaust.

We have bent the front axel. To drive straight you have to steer to the left.

The list goes on and on but the Micra still starts - sometimes first time.
— The Pale Paddys

A strong list. Here's your visual:

09.09.2015 Rosa Earp

From the comfort of the UK, The Sussex Rum Runners have produced some cracking shots of their rally. Stuck in sand in Turkmenistan, mobbed by women in Uzbekistan and by the highest point of the Pamir Highway. This album's a corker:

15.07 07.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Apparently, we don't say often enough how shit sat navs are:

We were let down once again by our navigator, Google.

By this point we were trapped in first gear and seemed to be slowly losing torque as we gained altitude, only now beginning to accept that was not the correct road. So we did what we normally do and kept going anyway. We were a least heading in vaguely the right direction.
— Wandering Wombats

"But did they reach their destination" we hear you cry. Er... no. They drove into a river, flooded the engine, drank some nescafe, camped in a field and turned back to Bishek. 

We hear this was all the on Michaels birthday. A pretty memorable birthday. 

Rina is a little bit worse for wear after our off-road escapade. The front bumper now firmly attached with duct tape and a sizeable hole in the exhaust means that she now looks and sounds as fast as she goes.
— Wandering Wombats

Good stuff. 

11.05 07.09.2015 Rosa Earp

We left them last week in Russia but not at the finish line. Now they've bloody done it. With their engine cable-tied to the car. 

Here's Adventure for Dementia and their Ligier in Ulan Ude. 

They are the smallest car ever to finish.

That's what Mr Joolz says anyway, and he would know. He has the memory of a goldfish in a bowl of vodka. 

Congratulations chaps. That's a fucking shit car. 

Welcome. That's all the news so far from Week 8. But there is plenty more from the road in Week 7.

You will see a naked bum cheek. I'm sure there was a reason.

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