Cool Earth Leaderboard - The Draw

Last year our chums Cool Earth said they'd take a team of Adventurists to the Peruvian jungle. To brave the malaria and venomous snakes to go and drink 'spit beer' with the Ashaninka. 

They decided any team who raised over £1000 would be put into a draw with the winner going out to see the awesome work they do in the Peruvian Amazon.

And this is that draw*:

Snail Race 2015 from Cool Earth on Vimeo.

Congratulations to 'Team Nomad'. If you're on one of the adventures below in 2015/16 and raise over £1000 for Cool Earth you will be in the running for a similar trip in 2016. To see what we're on about check out the video from the 2014 trip.

2015 Icarus Trophy
January 16 Rickshaw Run
January 16 Adventure 9
April 16 Rickshaw Run
2016 Ice Run
July 16 Adventure 9
2016 Mongol Rally
2016 Mongol Derby
August 2016 Rickshaw Run

*No snails were harmed in the making of this video. Though all 111 snails were turned into an omelette shortly afterwards which almost certainly killed all of the slimy little bastards.