Moving on. To The Mongol Rally 2016.

The Mongol Rally 2015 is done. It's over. The finish line is closed and our roaming adventurists have returned to the HQ nest. We'd missed their lilting poetry and their resonant phone voices. We shall miss them a little longer as they remain locked in a room with our spreadsheet monkeys.

In the meantime, the rest of us can get proper excited for next year. We've heard rumours that Budapest is bloody lovely in August and we are going to investigate. 

A shitload of other folk are getting revved up too: we've got 180 teams signed up already. By our count there are eight returning Rally Veterans, one from the Derby, another set of brave honeymooners and thats just page 1. 

Out in the world, teams are forming, money is being solicited and cars are having their insides investigated. Here's the round up from the garages. It's always too early to start preparing. Unless this is how you are preparing: 

I took my seat out of the car and then put it back in just for shits and giggles. Major stuff.
— Nick

Perhaps you're wondering how to raise the cash for charity? You could take inspiration from Team Him and Her and entertain your visitors for donations. He's got an excellent laugh, she's got a cheeky streak and they abuse each other on video for cash. An excellent plan:

Yesterday I got the chance to ask libby some simple questions... the outcome is pretty much what you'd expect!There's...

Posted by Him and Her - Mongol Rally 2016 on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meanwhile other teams taking different kinds of donations:

We have obtained bunker gear from our local fire department as a donation to the rally. Using our search and rescue technician skills, we plan to offer our services as barbecue technicians at the door to hell, by rappelling into the mouth of the fire and roasting all matter of meat on sticks.
The question is, who’s up for a little Kazak barbecue?
— Team Worst Case Ontario

Some are just fiddling with their newly acquired cars:

The Gallivanting Quines with our green machine before it gets tarted up - looking forward to warmer weather next summer than we have had on the Isle of Skye and Oban!
— The Gallivanting Quines

Team Konfjuzd are going straight to the route planning. We heartily approve: 

 Excellent work happening here. 

Excellent work happening here. 

Others are just introducing themselves. People are so polite.  

We are an intercontinental team of self-made rally racers with the exceptional skills of having no skills. Our determination and experiences made us the perfect team that could get destroyed, damaged, deported or lost.
— The Fault in Our Car
We are four Kiwi lads and absolute rally noobs with a complete lack of motoring experience, no planned route and no visa applications as of yet. We do however have plenty of enthusiasm and will give it a bloody good nudge.
— Foregone Conclusion
A ditch in India, mopeds in Vietnam, the rugby sevens in Hong Kong, jazz bars in Manchester, gully skiing in Italy, lost shoes, lost house bunnies, lost mobile phones, a lost afternoon in Barcelona, and an exploding pink suitcase, all have contributed to the rich narrative that has been our shared adventure.

We are now old enough to know better … and yet we don’t.
— Sugar and Spice


Perhaps you reckon you summer needs a bit of livening up? If you're feeling brave, you can still join them: