Icarus Trophy - Pre-launch Rolling News

The Icarus Trophy Pioneer's race is kicking off in a month and we're here to bring you the rolling news of our preparations.

The worlds first long distance paramotor race, we are right proud of our new adventure. We've got 29 pilots gearing up to go and squeezing in that last bit of training.

They'll take off outside Seattle after dawn on Monday 12th October. They'll fly, either racing or meandering down to San Francisco for the closing party on 24th October.

Thats about 783 miles, or 260 hours of walking to you or me. Not to these flying pioneers.

Here's a round up of their prep:

The Pilots are zeroing in on the startline at Eatonville, Washington. Registration has begun, trackers are being allocated and some of the pilots have even found time for some test flights. 

You can read up about the race and the five pilots we most excited to see flying.

The sun finally came out for us to go for a nice afternoon flight around the area to sus everything out. Spectacular sights! Can’t wait for the start!
— David Wainwright
Shit is getting real.
— Toby Osborne

05.10.2015 Rosa Earp

We asked Don McLester how his training has been going. Here's his report of his training mission:

The weather called for ten to fifteen knot winds. This is at the high end of what I should ever try and fly in however it was an otherwise beautiful day. I took off from Johns Island which is right on the coast and an amazing sight from the air. Headed south west toward my destination with a nice tail wind. Made the destination which was roughly 75 km away. Great flight down smooth and quick taking about an hour and ten minutes. I refueled in Walterboro and proceeded to head back. By this time the wind had definitely picked up to more of the 15 knot range with nice gust and of course now I was more or less getting it on the nose. Had a lot of big water to cross and at one point had the sensation that I wasn’t really making any headway overground with my speed dipping to 2 or 3 knots. Got to experience a partial stall. That is very exciting. So about three hours into the return I was about out of fuel and 15 kilometers short of my destination. So I found a field and made a landing there. No way was I waiting to run out of fuel and having to ditch. So I picked a field full of briars and had to hike out of that in weeds up to my chest.
A success on all accounts.
— Don Mclester

"A success on all accounts." Marvellous stuff. 

30.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Race tip: if you are going to run out of fuel and have to do an emergency landing, pick somewhere picturesque #shouldveprobscheckedmyfuelb4takingoff
— Pioneer Pilot Claire Mackay

Better now in training than in two weeks in the race eh?

29.09.2015 Rosa Earp

On Board with Cayle Royce during his final training flight with us on a bespoke Parajet ParaTrike prior to the Icarus Trophy with The Adventurists next month!

Posted by SkySchool on Sunday, September 20, 2015

28.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Finally back in the air and playing! Don’t know if I’m going to be okay with having to wear cold weather gear, it’s just so nice and warm in the mornings in Arizona.
— Kristan Fischer

17.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Here's Claire Mackay training hard in New South Wales with High Adventure Paragliding

Looking good. 

08.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Get’n it done.
— Byron Leisek

22.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Try not to get hypnotised by this wind map. 

We especially enjoy the website disclaimer. "Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or light wildfires." No mention of paramotors though. 

09.08.2015 Rosa Earp

This is what training looks like. Watching the sunset from the sky. It's a hard life to be a pilot. 

03.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Spent the day getting acquainted with this bit of gear. Managed six flights and barely scuffed my knees. I do not recommend the one arm flare when landing.
— Don McLester

You can find out more about the 2015 Icarus Trophy here.