Mongol Rally Rolling News Week 7

It's September. We started in July. You could have watched an entire lifecycle of a ladybird in the time the Mongol Rally has been going on. If you wanted to do that though, you're on the wrong page.

Here's your rolling news for Week 7:

17.17 04.08.2015 Rosa Earp

That's all from us folks for another weekend. We'll be back bright and early on Monday, but until then enjoy these cracking pictures from Team Khan Fly of their drive through Mongolia:

Pretty lucky that with a sticker like that on their bum they actually made it all the way there. 

13.55 04.09.2015 Rosa Earp

The Sussex Rum Runners did a thing:


Bravo gents. 

That’s one way to pass the time, I guess.
— Mr Joolz

An typically enthusiastic response from the office.  

11.56 04.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Nostalgia time already? Here's the Chemical Brummers and friends on the Transfagarasan way back on the 23rd July:

Apparently, this shot was captured as our ralliers were waiting for their brakes to cool. Those were the days. 

13.50 04.09.2015 Rosa Earp

We've not written a lot about this Morris Minor Traveller. But he's called Albert and he's doing pretty well.

Here he is in Semey, meandering along the Pamir Highway and most recently, on the receiving end of a magnificent bodge job in Barnaul.

Apparently, Albert now comes with a modified Lada axel, Lada wheels and a "Heath Robinson" handbrake. Should be good to go.  

11.24 04.09.2015 Rosa Earp

After a long drive through the night we were rewarded with beers, karaoke and pepper spray. Welcome to Kazakhstan.
— Yaki Da

Sounds about right. 

15.33 03.09.2015 Rosa Earp

We have time to kill in Ulaanbaatar. We decided to use it to complete one of our sponsorship challenges.
— Adventure for Dementia

What could that be then? 

We might send this to Calvin Klein. I bet they'd love the exposure. 

Ahhh. A back-alley bum tattoo. Of course. 

Apparently, £200 to charity is the going rate for one of Aaron's bum cheeks. So, James is next then?

I’m not getting one. I actually have some sense left in me.
— James

Come on boyo. Get your bum out. It's for charity. 

15.33 03.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Public Service Announcement:

Do not put 2.5 litres of fermented mares milk in your check in baggage.
It will leak and cover your tools in slimey rust.
— Genghis Khan't and the Mongrels

Sweet of you to think that other people might make the same error, but i'm not sure that it counts as a public service announcement. I think this one's just you. 

16.19 03.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Marco Yolo made it to Ulan Ude by train. Mihai from Team Aquila will name his future son after them.
— Arne - Team Ulan Beetle

The moment the baby's name is decided. We're sure the decision was not at all influenced by the free beer on offer. 

Bravo chaps.

Welcome to the Rolling News young Marco. You don't know it yet, but you have a lot to live up to.

We hear the baby's mum and her sister weren't too thrilled with the 'Yolo' but we are confident Mihai will be able to persuade them.  

After all, Marco Yolo have done pretty well. After a brutal crash in Kazakhstan, they have still made it to the finish line with flag and numberplate.

Brave, determined and crash-resistant: pretty good pedigree for a namesake. 

10.21 02.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Wondering why we bang on about Mongolia all the time? This video will clear that right up:

We made it to the Finish Line :D Mongolia has been great.

Posted by My Left Tyre on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We applaud My Left Tyre for their excellent rally and ironic choice of song.

A bunch of crazy motherfuckers living it up in the fast lane. Except they are often in the only 'lane'. Often not going very fast. Or... at all.

Truly excellent.

15.21 02.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Our tracking map is looking pretty sexy:

 Click on the Image to get to the map. 

Click on the Image to get to the map. 

07.31 01.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Fritz may be broken down but they take a good picture of a mechanic at work. An under-appreciated skill, I think. 

11.07 02.09.2015 Rosa Earp

They may have finished the Rally, but the teams return to reliable internet, the media continues trickling in. Here's a flashback to the Sussex Rum Runners run through Mongolia. 

I think they're having a good time. 

07.04 02.09.2015 Rosa Earp

Any thoughts from the finish line?

Never trust a vodka brand that also makes cigarettes.
— Don't Worry I know a Shortcut.

You heard it here first. Rosa Earp

Do you know what this is? It's the Cross-Border Smugglers and they are back in the UK. 

Yes, you can take a Reliant to Mongolia and back.
— Cross Border Smugglers

Nigel, with the robot arm, is doing ok too apparently. Good news all round. Congratulations gents and Cuddles. 

13.02 01.09.2015 Rosa Earp

The Alquimistas and convoy are having a grand old time in the Gobi desert:

Sure. The tractor makes it look fine. Don't much fancy the chances of the rest of the convoy against that river though. 

11.25 01.09.2015 Rosa Earp

As we closed last week, we'll open this one by sharing the poetry of Adventurist Peter as he describes the closing party and the aftermath. His words are probably best enjoyed with a cigarette and a whisky:

As you can imagine, is a day of slow wastelands where ralliers move as ghostlike zombies, their zest for blood insufficient to charge them with the hyper-activity of the previous night.

Phones were mislaid, eyes glazed as vodka was consumed along with Mongol Rally Beer. Many of the ralliers lost themselves staring into the brown liquid no doubt seeing their little vehicles swimming inside out on the steppelands of Russia.

We were at the maffia hang-out Che Guevara with its pleasant mix of thugs, prostitutes and locals having a good time. Lockdown at Che happened at 3 am. Then the staff came out and we drank rum shots steadily until sunrise.

The morning Finish Line opened slowly. The convoy set off happily with its freakshow of crooked vehicles, hobbling on the remains of suspensions, defunct starter motors and void exhaust systems. By this afternoon the remnants of the Adventurist team had settled under the red gazebo canopy. Our Polish friends brought over newly acquired champagne glasses and champagne to fill. Everyone enjoyed the bubbling liquid as it flowed through the jubilant veins of those seated.

Now the day dies and so do I.
— Adventurist Peter

He weaves quite a picture doesn't he? 

You've reached the beginning of Week 7. If you could travel back in time to this moment, you could enjoy the August Bank Holiday again.

If you've locked your keys in the Delorean, pretend you didn't by reliving Week 6. 

Theres a couple of rolls, plenty of finishing plus a prostate exam, and we're not just talking about the closing party antics. 

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