Mongol Derby 2015 - Leaderboard Day 3


Byeronie Epstein (BE)
Elise Poitrinal (EP)
Ben Wilks (BW)
Michele Tanaka (MT)
Maxim van Lierde (ML)
Braden Cameron (BCM)


Catrina Paterson (CP)
Cassie Ekert (CE)
Patrick Sells (PSL)
Simon Pearse (SP)
Louise Crosbie (LC)
Sara Klymkowsky (SK)
Devan Horn (DH) 
Uma Mencia (UM)
Kathryn Whitney (KW)


Will Graham (WG)
Andrea Westerdahl (AW)
Petra Sundstrom (PSD)
Sophie Watson (SWT)
Patric Norman (PN)
Amy Johnson (AJ)
Gerda Pohl (GP)

Between HS8 & 9

Thomas Ellingsen(TE)
Bruce Chernoff (BCH)
Paddy Woods (PW)
Liz Brown (LB)
Sophie Wilford SWL)


Daniel Reeds (DR)
Sarah Cooksey (AC)
Alexander Dobres (AD)
Iain Hayter (IH)
Jennifer Engisch (JE)
Cathrine Fodstad (CF)


Catherine Gudde (CG)
Catherine Coward (CC)


Sian Dyson (SD)
Jenna Carr (JC)

* Where riders are at an Urtuu they are not in order, when on the steppe they are in order of proximity to the next station.

Derby chief Katy will be reporting on the race, live on Twitter from 10am local time: @MongolDerbyLive

The Full List of Riders can be found over on the Mongol Derby website.

You can follow the live tracking here, The Mongol Derby twitter here and get daily race updates by subscribing to the mailing list here.

Applications for 2016 are open. If you prefer to participate than spectate you can apply here.