Rickshaw Run August Launch Party

No-one knows how to party like our August Rickshaw Runners. The August Run is the longest and they have the monsoon to battle with. We should've known this lot are nuts.

Last night, they did us proud and this morning we pay tribute to their sterling achievements in beverage management.  

According to our man on the ground:

There was one guy asleep standing up in the toilet, another guy passed out on a group of chairs in a puddle of vomit.

A group of particularly enthusiastic (mainly Aussie and Kiwi) Runners had a ‘pants down’ party, much to everyones pleasure.

A group of drunk Germans stole one of the buses for a bit.

Two guys were asleep in the road, a couple got it on and tried to seal the deal but realised halfway through that they were being watched by 7 Indian men.

The floor was covered with spilled drinks, broken glass, sweat, blood and vomit. It was lovely. Still, they seemed to have fun.
— Mr Matt

We lost Scooby Doo. He stumbled through the door at 6am stating that he’d just escaped hospital and had shit himself. In a Scooby Doo onesie.
— Simon - Rick Rolled For Shaw

Excellent. Bodes well for this year then. 


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