Rickshaw Run Launch

The Shillong activities this time were great. Everything went (kind of) smoothly. Kind of meaning nobody got hurt (apart from the broken leg - and a fractured wrist, and a lot of cuts and bruises and malaria and food poisoning...hang on, I'll start again).

The launch this time was great. Nobody died. 83 teams, all present and correct.

Some great pimping occurred too. Nice little touches such as satellite dishes attached, people making their rickshaws look like tractors, lots of (much needed) waterproofing, and shit loads of seat coverings. Sexy shaws.

The launch went well. Despite a fucking massive downpour right as everyone was loading up, people were generally in good spirits. A lot were suffering due to the night before, but they soon forgot that. I think. I was expecting bigger hangovers, and annoyingly some of the worst offenders the night before looked fresh and enthusiastic - some mind you - some looked grey and a bit waxy. They loaded up, took their snaps, posed in a variety of different styles for a big group photo (heroic, sexy, excited, and possibly something about a soggy biscuit), and then all drove up and over the launch ramp (well, most made it, quite a few stalled and had to be pushed/pulled/dragged onto the stage). Then that was it, they were off, hitting the roads in a huge convoy of colour, noise, excitement and fumes.

Boom. Launch done.

Tally ho.