Rickshaw Run Rolling News - Prelaunch

The monster that is the August Rickshaw Run begins Wednesday morning. Before then there will be test driving, team briefing and parties. We'll be reporting on all that here as well as the panic buying, rickshaw decorating and bemused staring at maps.

The August Run is know as 'the tough one' for good reason. It's the longest run we do at 3,500 kilometres and has the added joy of monsoon to wrestle with. I've been reliably informed that this is the 25th Rickshaw Run. Pretty good going eh?

09.53 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

And that's why they call it the Scotland of the East folks.

Not because of the bagpipes, hills, whiskey, or kilts, but because it never stops raining.

We did mention it's monsoon season, right?

05:57 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

05.27 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

Balls. After 17 penalties we appear to have lost. Well played though chaps. Obviously not quite well enough played, but hopefully your defeat wont haunt your dreams for ever. You're only failiures in the eyes of God. And us. And your parents.

05.01 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

This is what they're playing for. The coveted Shillong Football Trophies. No trick of perspective there, they really are four times the size of an average man. Probably pretty lucky we've not won 'em to be fair.

04.23 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

Sudden death after 15 penalties. Surely that's some sort of record?

04.21 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

Penalties. We've never won penalties here. Of course that's partly because we've never won here. This could be our day. At least we won the toss for the penalties. That's got to count for something.

3.45 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

Currently 3-3 in Shillong, could we actually win this?

02.55 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

Blood, sweat and tears in Shillong. Currently it's 2-1 and we're down to an odd number of functioning legs.

02.22 03.08.2015 Mr Matt

Rickshaw Run team looking sharp and hoping for a first ever football win in Shilliong.

18:57 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

Every Rickshaw Run we have a Q&A, Partly to calm the nerves of anyone worried about what's going to happen partly to scare the shit out of everyone else. And partly as an excuse to drink beer.

Usually no one turns up and no one knows what the hell is going on. Probably for the first time ever tonight everyone turned up and everyone was held in rapture at Mr Matt's misinformation. Judging by the answers to the questions more teams will end up in Columbia than Cochin, but we're sure they'll have more fun that way. 

Definitely not for the first time, the excuse to drink beer was met with relish and some sore heads were earned for tomorrow.

18:37 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

Spirits couldn't be higher in Shillong if someone tied a bottle of whiskey to a weather balloon.

If the atmosphere at test driving is usually a good indication of the shenanigans we'll see on the road; by the looks of what we've seen this weekend, this run is going to be crazier than a small child, high on fizzy drinks and amphetamines.

12.47 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

Rick Rolled by name, Rick Rolled by nature

Two things are inevitable in life. Taxes and rickshaws rolling over like excited puppies. The prize for first horizontal rick goes to 'Rick Rolled For Shaw'

First day of training went marvelous!
— Simon - Rick Rolled for Sure

12.20 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

That moment you first get handed your rickshaw keys is like the moment you lose your virginity. Sweaty trepidation, the feeling you're way out of your depth and the knowledge that you're about to do something you've been craving for years. As you can see from the nervous smiles.

11.42 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

If you were in any doubt what the Rickshaw Run means to the veterans these tattoos give you some idea. As souvenirs go they make more of a statement than a t-shirt don't they?

11.24 03.08.2015 Mr Joolz

The Rickshaw Run might be one tough mother-fucker, but that doesn't mean it isn't a whole lot of fun. As demonstrated in this video by April team 'Tuk Tha Police'. Forget about jacksgap, this is how it should be done.

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