Mongol Rally Rolling News Week 6

Holy pyjamas we're in Week 6.  

Its going to be a big one. The parties are underway as the trickle of arrivals in Ulan Ude has blossomed into a stream. 

Hold onto your helmets, we've got some updates for you. 

16.43 28.08.2015 Rosa Earp

That's all for this week folks. We're hitting the pub and you should too.

Bank Holidays are marvellous things that give us an extra day of glorious nothingness. We'll be back on Tuesday to guide you through Week 7. Put it in your diaries.

Perhaps you feel the Mongol Rally looks a piece of piss? Now's your time. Sign up before the end of August and get on it for cheaper.

And we leave you with the latest from Ulan Ude HQ as they gear up for the party:

Wave after wave of destinies children have rolled in. Tonight they will don their ballroom attire to cause mayhem and devestation in the Churchill. As the stage was prepared for the bands we parked the cars in a Classic Greek Arch to create the necessary atheneum feel for this evenings entertainments. Ninety-nine in all accounted for. We shall see what the evening brings, ninety-nine faces of God.
A fitting number for the final party.
— Adventurist Peter

Heaven save us. 

12.03 28.08.2015 Rosa Earp

— The Yak Pack

Yes, looks like you did. Bravo:

15.27 28.08.2015 Rosa Earp

By popular demand, we bring you an update for the Cross Border Smugglers as they drive their Reliant Robin back home.  As well as mastering the Rally they are now champion-international-Reliant-Robin-spare-part negotiators.

After busting their suspension in Russia they arranged their spare part to meet them 3700km away, and filled the gap with a spanner and duct tape combo. 

Another marvellous bodge job in action. 

13.20 28.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Sitting on the London underground in my way to work. Not sure if the Mongol rally was a dream, or if this is the dream. Everything feels so surreal...
— Papu - 2015 Veteran, Team Ndanka Ndanka

I was going to say something about how it could be worse, but another rallier has helpfully provided the punchline:

Forty-eight hours after departing from Ulan Ude, I’m waiting in my doctor’s office for a prostate exam. I wish this was the dream.
— Michael - 2015 Veteran, Team Aquila


11.36 28.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Another two bite the dust: 


On the left, we have Genghis Khan't who rolled in Mongolia. On the right we give you Mooving East in Kyrgyzstan. An excellent rally effort from the two teams. No-one was hurt in either crash.  

11.24 28.08.2015 Rosa Earp

When the mechanic came to look at our car he started laughing.
— The Lost Terriers

Fills you with confidence, doesn't it?

15.15 27.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Watch your wing mirror. 

Mongolia eats cars for breakfast.
— Team Khanada

Yes, yes it does. And also for lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. 

14.32 27.08.2015 Rosa Earp

For the past 1500 miles our engine warning light has been on. We have covered the light in duct tape and it no longer annoys us. Problem solved!
— Car of the County Down

Clearly mechanics to their core. They also locked themselves out but fixed it with "just a pair of scissors and tent pegs." Very MacGyver.

Car of the County Down. Not locked out and looking very pleased with themselves. 

Now you can use those tent pegs as a wind-chime and really make the most of your new vent.

16.05 26.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Just in case you weren't feeling the pangs of jealousy yet today, this ought to do it:

Team Gobiyond. The Pamir Highway. 

 16.10 26.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Dear Kyrgyzstan,


That is all.
— MIschief and Mayhem

Yeah you tell them. On Facebook. They'll get the message eventually.

13.40 26.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Top of a mountain watching Mongol Story being towed by a truck.
— YORKidding

Sweet of you to keep us informed. 

13.30 26.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We are still alive and have just crossed the border into Mongolia after five breakdowns on the way and pushing the car up a mountain because of the broken fuel pump.

We might be yak powered by the morning.
— Aaron - Adventure for Dementia

Adventure for Dementia are still going, but hold in your victory fist-pump for now.  Teammate James has chimed in with an update:

Crossed the border into Mongolia and then 10 minutes later broke down. The roof rack has caved in and the peddlebox has now fallen out.

It is now possible to Fred Flintstone it to the finish line.
— James - Adventure for Dementia

Sounding remarkably cheerful, all things considered. 

Looking a little worse for wear. Nice view though.

13.28 26.08.2015 Rosa Earp

We have left our passports in UB, would anyone happen to be coming to the Russian border tonight?
— Genghis Khan't and the Mongrels

I wonder if passports have a black market value? 

25.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Team Khan Fly have had a 'massive breakdown' in Mongolia. 

"Rusty" doesn't look so great.

We can't work out which part of the car that is, but are fairly sure you shouldn't be able to see the ground through it. 

13.06 25.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Driving a tiny car on Mongolian Roads might be the absolute worst way ever to nurse a hangover.
— Team Red Adder

Pah. You should try hanging at a desk in Bristol. We do it every day and you don't hear us complaining. 

19.55 23.08.2015 Rosa Earp

The Lost Yeti Hunters are out in Mongolia. 

Apparently the car hit a pothole and spontaneously combusted. Because that happens. 

Thats very nice boys but Team Mongolf did it first. And better.

Speaking of Team Mongolf:

Guys. Well done for getting so far.

After our car exploded we decided not to continue. A decision I now regret. Make sure you make the finish line. Possessions can be replaced.
— Anthony - Team "exploding porsche" Mongolf

Sage words. 

16.48 24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Unfortunately, John has left the team so Jennifer and the Cardis are carrying on toward the finish line alone.
— The Baked Potatoes

We have no idea what is going on with the Baked Potatoes. Their team has dwindled from three, to two, to one, back up to two and now back down to one. Last update from John says he was going alone to get help for the stranded convoy.

That was on Thursday so perhaps he never came back?

12.30 24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Teams are finishing all over the bloody place.  Including some Rolling News favourites: 

Remember the Cross Border Smugglers? They rolled in Bulgaria, had to send a teammate home for treatment, bodged up the repairs and have now made it to the finish.

They are only the second Reliant Robin, one of the shittiest of all god's vehicles ever to make it. Brings a tear to our eye. 

Also finished are Team 2 Tees Please in their Morris Minor and the Danish gents in the 2CV. Three marvellous rallys from three magnificently shit cars.  

Congratulations to The Confused Vikings, The Sussex Rum Runners and Car of the County Down.

An excellent rally all. 

06.48 23.08.2015 Rosa Earp

This does sound dull:

Apart from Tim getting held back at the border because they didn’t believe it was him in the passport photo and sharing a dormitory with a knife-wielding one-eared Kazakh and camping in a field of dope, things were fairly uneventful.
— Team Don't Worry I Know a Shortcut

Any other ands to add?

09.26 24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

Dancing straight through Monday's... Actually this may have been Tuesday... My least favourite of all. One of the many dance offs on the road. #whatsgood #dance #Italy #Mondays #peace

Posted by Iron Badgers Mongol Rally Team on Monday, August 24, 2015

In case you are confused; there's no music in this video. There is an interupted strip tease though. 

10.40 24.08.2015 Rosa Earp

To welcome us back after the weekend we've got an boatload of mechanical troubles for you. Leading the charge is Team Jimi Hendrix with this delightful tale explaining why they are stuck: 

We crashed swerving out of the way of a car overtaking a lorry in a dust storm.
— Will - Team Jimi Hendrix


Also in Kazakhstan are The Licky Charms who sent this loving farewell with their car.

Licky Charms. Giving their lady some sweet farewells.

In Kyrgyzstan, Team Mong Direction have gone for a bit of a spin:

Decided to do a few summersaults down a mountain road last night.
— Mong Direction

A promising start to the week.

Excellent scrolling skills my friend. You have reached the end of the news from Week 6. 

Perhaps you were just getting into the scrolling? You will enjoy the Rolling News from Week 5.  We get a call from a border guard and some incredible shots of the Pamir Highway. 

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